Chelsea thread


Imagine being a player under a manager who won your team the league in his first season and thinking you know better than him… do they want trophies or an arsenal lifestyle?


Lifeline for him now.


Ah I love Garth Crooks. He is always good for a laugh. This is his take on Bakayoko’s hair


Ruud Gullit must have spent hours on that tash.


To think this shit is funded by our taxes



Garth Crooks is a national treasure :arteta:


Interesting development


Read that Conte left David Luiz out because he is very close to Abramovich. Guess Antonio is getting the sack soon :arteta:


Our new DoF?


No thanks imo


You’ll soon change your tune when we’re selling Walcott and Wilshere to Shanghai Shithaus for £56m each.


Only to swell the coffers and spend sweet fuck all of it. I wouldn’t trust wenger to spend a bean anymore anyway even when he does get decent fucking players he benches them and doesnt play them but persists with useless fuckers.


Bakayoko’s so wack positionally


Fucking belgian chips. Fuck off you and “game of his life” against us. They do it on a purpose :xhaka:


Image still having Keown and Adams. They would have break Hazard in twice and make him cry, the litte bitch.


So far, GFI 2018 edition–angry remix is enjoyable.



What’s the problem? They are plastics, racists and cheaters.


No problem. I despise Chelsea as well. Just enjoying most of your banter


:fire: Conte going in


I make it 2-2 now