Chelsea thread


He wrote ‘fuck China’ on his IG story. Bit dumb but nothing to get up in arms about.


Who did that? I wanna see!!


He also took a picture of a sleeping Chinese security guard, saying “wake up China” and called him an idiot.

Yeah not the biggest crime, but still a silly thing for someone in his position to do while you’re on a tour of said country.


I don’t see much ‘racist’ there really, in any case him and his club’s fans have got a long way to go before he can emulate 3x repeat offender and serially racist club legend John Terry


Another reason to destroy them in the CS. Fuck them! Fuck Antonio “pizza and spaghetti” Conte!


Yeah he’s not racist just an idiot asshole.



Chelsea fans think Ospina should have received a red card for that Pedro challenge. The truth is Ospina just wanted it more :sunglasses:


really hope this is true, if it is fair play it is a bit much but it is funny as fuck…potential partnerships ruined by a dickhead player. Couldn’t happen to a nicer club


Losing 3-0 to Bayern within 30 minutes.

Hopefully now people see collapses arent Arsenal specific and pre season isnt a clear indicator of anything other than fitness




So the mighty Chelsea conceded 3 goals in just 25 minutes, with the same line up who hammered us? It tells you everything about summer football :hipster: :xhaka:


Yeah, Bayern being better than Chelsea and Chelsea being better than Arsenal, that’s just a summer thing, won’t last :ozil2:


Yeah, but hang on…we beat Bayern…:rofl:


Very interesting read. Poor from Chelsea tbh


Chelsea are already missing him badly.


Meh, Morata scored and assisted on his debut and only getting 30 minutes game time. It’s everything else that’s the issue.


Treated me like a criminal :joy:

Dont know why but sounds hilarious coming from Costa


It all started in January when hevwaa linked with a move to China. He’s too good to be sitting in the stands, but really hard to feel sorry for him :joy:


It feels like Mourinho’s last season at Chelsea. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were around middle table in october.