Chelsea thread

Did they really only get 100k for winning the Carabao Cup? I know it’s the 3rd biggest domestic honour but still feels like a pretty inconsequential amount lol

Yeah the League Cup prize pool is absolute pittance, that’s why Wenger used to field an Under-21 team

Still thought it’d be a little bit more than that. I think even for a championship club, that kind of coin isn’t life-changing at all lol can imagine most championship clubs wouldn’t even cover a weeks expenses with that.

Yeah it’s sad but I think that’s the main reason that almost all clubs don’t take it that seriously.

And also probably the reason why a club like City where money isn’t real treats it at any other trophy and wins it loads :arteta:

The smaller clubs don’t expect to win it. For them it’s about match day revenue/TV money if they are to draw a big team.

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Genuinely shocked to hear this :open_mouth:

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Exception being Birmingham obviously :sweat_smile:


Surely nothing more than a bit of PR suggesting the new owner is himself running the club to this degree. Marina has to be one of the most highly respected women operating in the game.

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Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia expected to leave club this week.

We should do everything to get her.
That woman made Chelsea a well-oiled machine, not getting impacted by the managerial departure.

Vinai can take the bin.

Look at me wanting a woman over a man.

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I am also glad that Chelsea is not managed by her now during this transition.

I dont understand how she has gone from being Abramovich’s PA to running the transfer and sponsorship dealings at a football club?

Where did she get this education? Knowledge?

Gonna be fun when their starboy pulls a Cesc on them, and Mount pulls a Nasri on them, and the others follow. :rofl:

New regime aren’t messing around. Was hoping they’d take over and just twiddle their thumbs for a while

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I don’t know if this is a good thing for them.

They’re pushing out everybody with any experience actually negotiating transfers and dealing in the market. Maybe Boehly can handle everything but maybe not. The learning curve is pretty steep and just because you understand American sports doesn’t mean you understand how the football market works.

Overall, it feels a little bit like a Tuchel power play. Unless Boehly fancies himself a soccerball expert, Tuchel is the only guy left with a strong viewpoint on what players to actually pursue.

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If Tuchel said that it’s pretty unprofessional, imo.

Considering all the shit he says in public, I have no doubt he said that, perhaps in a funny way as Nizaar says.

Tuchel doesn’t seem like a particularly likeable person tbh


Remember this?