Chelsea thread


Are you really surprised? The americans love crap things :mustafi:


He has knee issues and Chelsea are not sure if he’ll need surgery or not. Latest reports say he won’t and it should be done this week.


Only thing that could have made it better would have been some girls in american flag bikinis, some rifles, and some bourbon. Otherwise I tgought it was a great advert.


Fuck that font.


Don’t rate him at all. Everytime i watched him last season he looked a bit of a donkey.


I’ve not read too many favourable reports on him at all.


The amount that Chelsea probably spend on their social media team and they use that font ffs


The only thing worse than that font is the cringey quote itself


conte has signed a new 2 year deal at chelsea



Fuck Chelsea. That is all.




well that is embarrassing for Chelsea


^^^the epitome of ‘rentboys’ longest serving plays everywhere but for chavski, immoral disgusting racist shithole of a club.


BBC saying it’s strictly improved terms and not an extension.


Class vid


Would love this man back.


Chelsea having to apologise for racist behaviour… again! :smirk:


such a classy club :bellerin:


as if they just issued an apology to over a billion people. :giroud3:

Utter state of that club.