Chelsea thread

Chelsea FC don’t own the pitch ,apparently
It’s owned by Chelsea pitch owners or something like that . Simon Jordan went into details of the ins and outs of buying Chelsea FC
It was very interesting indeed

Fuck me I really don’t understand how they aren’t dead already, we literally salvaged an opportunity to rescue our dead CL ambitions and the entire footballing world came together to put us back in our box.

These motherfuckers literally racist as fuck war criminals and it’s just like aye, fuck it- it will blow over anyway


Is that a common occurrence in England?

Not at this level it isn’t.

If you’re inclined to read about these shitcunts


If they go under do we get their champions league spot? If so marvellous 4D chess by Arteta

There’s no way that happens but if it somehow did, imagine if PL also somehow shoehorned Man Utd in instead of us over some random reason.

Wouldn’t surprise me honestly

So it’s the FA who “nominates” the teams that qualify for CL not the PL as the FA are the org that’s UEFA affiliated. Can’t see that they’d go for it.

I know far too much about football administration :facepalm:

Hmmmm, why is what?
Is your profession related?

Hopefully not all from Wikipedia, it’s not a source that holds up by any academic standards. Though it has came a long way

FA crooks would sooner put Crystal Palace in the CL as fa cup semi finalists than us as 5th place.

Probably because they’d get past round 1

Not remotely. It’s just always interested me to know how these things work.

It’s all so fucking corrupt I’d feel dirty earning my living in that world.

It’s helpful sure, but mostly from articles, books, docs etc along the way.

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Is it acceptable pretty accurate with sports history and such these days. I know dumbass twitter kids loved to change the entries to different teams for players and all that shit but I think as a tool Wikipedia has really tried to improve it’s credibility and source referencing in the last few years.

It’s not something i used tons in the past because was a thing, but it was handy tool to find some sources if people actually put proper effort into their wiki entries- and I didn’t want to be as diligent.

BBC actually running with it. Interesting…

So Chelsea have 2 weeks to sort this out or they’re booted from the CL next season.
I assume they work out an extension for the domestic competitions but this actually has legs. :rofl:

Fingers crossed. And no extension please

It would make up for tonight and the state of arsenal these days if these guys were to be finished.

I don’t mind an extension for their PL participation. Just get them out of Europe and hope they give us their spot. :rofl:


I don’t know if you can or want to but Simon Jordan on talkSPORT is a fabulous listen on all things football . He has admitted his ownership mistakes but he is so damn interesting.

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