Chelsea thread

I think some of it is going to charity (around £2.5 billion)? So I assume their value for non-charity purposes is around half the total amount paid

BBC News - Chelsea agree sale terms with LA Dodgers’ Todd Boehly

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The 4.25 includes what I assume to be a vague reference to 1.75bn of investment. That could be spread over 30 years or even refer to further borrowing that will happen once all contracts are signed but it’s entirely unclear right now.

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Look at us sticking out. :rofl:

I can’t believe how bad our luck is. You only need half a chance against us and it’s in. Absolutely ridiculous.

On the flip side, take out the penalty which is worth around .77, Arsenal scored 3 goals from 1.23 xG. And most people have our goals under the ‘act of god’ category. The lord giveth, the lord taketh

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Of course this donkey will try to create unnecessary drama right before the FA Cup final.
One of the dumbest players I’ve seen.

I hope the Blues shatter the medias quadrupole ‘pool love in.

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And the Sky Blues.

And the Blancos.

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The quadruple is already over Ash, City are winning the league.


I watched the final in a pub in West Kensington and everyone there was a Liverpool fan and everyone in the area afterwards was a Liverpool fan lol

Pretty embarrassing for Chelsea that there are more Liverpool fans than Chelsea fans in there own back garden hahaha

Makes you realise how small their club actually is and how temporary their success is


And also makes you realise how many bloody Scousers there are

I thought Liverpool had quite a big following in London and points south because of how successful those teams were back in the day?

They’re like rats in London. You’re never more than 5 metres away from the bastards.


What an end of Chelsea career for Azpilicueta :joy:


Enjoyed it as well.

How many cup finals do these gimps wanna lose :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Mason Mount loves a final loss.


I wonder if his fans will treat him as horribly as they treated Saka after last summer.

Would be nice


Credit to you for trying to salvage the night with this.