Chelsea thread


Nope no way…you are telling me that just because you have connections you will buy a player like Oscar for £70m fuck off no way is he worth even half of that, something stinks more than the Chavksi fans!


Problem is they have the money now to buy a player that will be arguably a hell of a lot better, meanwhile we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for utter fucking dross like we usually do…and we wonder why we are declining as a club, just Wenger and his philosophies to fuck off so bad!


I don’t think Chinese clubs really care about a player’s value. They want the deal done and if talking to the right person will get them a player, they will do so. If they tried to pay fair value for a player like Diego Costa or Oscar they wouldn’t even get past Chelsea.


You dont know what happens behind closed doors. Abramovich could somehow be back-handing them money to finance the high transfer fee, which in tern allows Chelsea to spend high and conform to FFP.


As much as I don’t like Costa, he has been a top striker in then PL, and he would have scored as many, or more goals, for us.

It’s winners like him, who will do what ever it takes to win, that we have been lacking


I swear Chavski should be investigated, i dont believe in coincidences. The way that FFP has been upheld then all of a sudden selling basically shit players to PSG for STUPID money then buying one back again for stupid money and then all of a sudden being able to sell off the dregs of their squad for 70m a pop…fuck off is this all above board, and abramovich is know to be shady as fuck and a borderline criminal…but of course these fuckers will never be investigated because everyone has their tongue firmly impressed onto his hairy ballsack!


Sounds conspiracy theory-ish to me. I think its more plausible that fools and their money are just being parted.


It’s possible that it’s a way around FFP but hasn’t FFP being largely canned anyway? It could be a tax fiddle too ofcourse.


Shittest tax fiddle ever, giving yourself an unexpected cash boost.


Don’t forget the stupid money they got for Ramires.


There really is no conspiracy behind it. Chelsea sign players that have resale value and a lot of those players happen to be Brazilian and those players (at the risk of stereotyping) don’t often mind plying their trade in lesser leagues for big money. Ramires, Hulk, Oscar, Texeira, Paulinho are just some of the names I can think of. All are good enough to succeed in big European leagues but are earning silly money in a substandard league.

Plus how many good Brazilian players ended up in Ukraine and Russia too?


Just because Wilshires made of china doesnt make him marketable to them.


Funny thing, ‘value’. It’s all in the mind of the buyer, no matter what the item being sold is. TV’s, can of peas, cars, footballers, etc. I mean, how many times have you heard a conversation that goes:

“I paid $700 for that TV.”
“Heh, they saw you coming mate. I got the exact same one at ------ for $300.”


what a pathetic classless bunch of tossers they are…wonder if there will be any piegate type repercussions…


Sunderland spineless to let a prick like JT get a reception like that.


Here’s your answer @AbouCuellar


all the Sunderland players wives were waiting in
line aswell…



Fair play to Chelsea.


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