Chelsea thread

It was actually a clever ploy to get around FFP.

I’d rather be punished by UEFA than having David Luiz in my team.


Hopefully David can fuck it up a lot of times again, like he always does :wenger:


Lol he deleted this tweet :joy:

What did he say/do?

Conte is really good at motivating players. Costa looked finished last season, while now he is back to his best.


He posted a gif of the 2nd Swansea goal and then posted the 2nd tweet you can see under it with all the angry emojis lol

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When you have an asshole of a boss (Mourinho) and he gets fired, I think that can just happen naturally :grinning:


Hahahahaha fair play

Thierry met Conte.

I’ve always hated this team , from the days when the ground at stamford bridge quite literaly crumbled under your feet ,to their racist rent boy fans,through to their nouveau riche smugness I have loathed them. A win against them is always sweet but havent seen one that meant anything since we hammerred them at the bridge and santos looked like a world beater for the day !

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David Luiz - "Fuck playing offside trap’’


From the shed end:

2 hours ago, MANoWAR said:
the scary as f**k thing is if we don’t make top 4 some of our better players might look to leave

we have better players?

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Ok, we can get Hazard :wenger:

Conte can be great at motivating players, but once they fall behind, his teams can barely change the result. He is not a very attacking manager.

Put in a cheeky bid for Costa or Fabregas and troll these fckers !!!

Lol! I don’t want that cunt Costa nowhere near my team, while i might take Fabregas back.

To me that looked like a team that was questioning its manager. Every time they played out of the back, I was imagining an internal dialog of “what’s the fucking point of this”.

Within a month it was nowhere near perfect but you could see Liverpool resembling the shell of a Klopp team. Chelsea so far haven’t felt like a Conte team.

They did it to Mourinho and if they’re going to do it to Conte too then they’re a bigger bunch of cunts than I thought. You have a dire season under a “top” manager, another top manager comes in, surely you give it your all…? If bringing in high profile managers doesn’t fix your problems what will? Signing 5 new players?