Chelsea thread


Turned him down for Wilshere and Ramsey :tired_face:

Right decision for him though. Sitting with two PL titles a League Cup and potentially an FA Cup aswell


who was turned down for wilshere and ramsey?


75M for Costa :joy: How do Chelsea manage this.


Seriously for fucks sake why don’t we have a single player we can actually fucking sell to a Chinese club?

So fed up of seeing Chelsea get incredible money for players they don’t need/care about. Meanwhile the most money we’ve received for a sold player in recent times was Thomas fucking Vermaelen.


Costa will be a big loss to them though. He’s been a big part of 2 title wins.


Dodgy Russian owner sells to dodgy Chinese owner.

Chelsea: Please tell the media you paid £75m for Costa.

Chinese Club: Ok.


And this is why i cant stand Chelsea. They highlight how flawed we are through their constant success.

That much money for Costa ffs.

In contrast id imagine we sell Wilshere to West Ham for all of £4m all while subsidising a % of his wages.



Considering they got over £50m from China for Oscar, I think they’re being ripped off if they only get £75m for Costa!


Cunt seems to down tools often enough though.

In both title seasons (assuming this is one) he’s tailed off massively in the second half of the season.

I think he’ll be more easily replaced than some think. 75m is great money for him in any climate, though knowing Chinese clubs at the moment you could see them being able to squeeze over 80m out of one of them.


To make this whole thing perfect for them they’ll then use that money to buy Lukaku back from Everton. At least that’s what I think will happen if they sell Costa this summer for that much money.


Yeah give Chelsea that much money and they’ll have a world class player leading their line soon enough.


Chelsea have been playing the FFP environment to perfection.

And why cant we sell players for that much I hear you ask? Well we have to have players of that caliber first. Cant see Ramsey going to Cat Eaters Utd for 50m tbh.


Chelsea will have sold Costa, Luiz and Oscar for a combined total of around 175m.
There is something not quite right there.

As for us not doing the same with players like Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere, we could have,
The problem is we don’t sell them at their peak, we wait until they are just squad players or constantly injured, and then their value will drop.
We got pretty good money for Cole from Chelsea and a lot of money from Man City for Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy, Toure and Sagna, as well as Barcelona paying around 15m each for Verms and Song.
The only player we got ripped off for was Cesc for 35m and possibly RVP for 24m.

But how Chelsea are getting so much money for some of their players is a mystery.


His mind has been clearly elsewhere since january. How many goals has he scored in the last 3 months?


We do have players that china want Wilshere and Walcott were mentioned but the fucking cunts wont leave. Also they would grab Sanchez and Ozil for a huge sum too but yet again they wouldnt wanna go there…our players are not good enough for us but good enough for china but they screw us because they wont fucking leave. I also am starting to think there might be something underhanded going on at Chavski at this, all of their surplus players leaving for STUPID money and now some players like Costa going for huge sums so they can easily afford world class players. It seems odd to me, why are they targetting Chavski players so much all of a sudden when there are far better players out there, why arent they going for the Belottis etc, why are they funding chavksi so they can go on and get the top picks…something stinks about this and it is not out of jealousy etc its just off!


Lol this made me spit out my drink.

But yeah you’re right, it’s not that we have players who can’t go to China, it’s more that the players won’t go to China.


Can be arranged though especially walcott he annoys the life out of me, ship him in pieces as premium dog food, still reckon we will get something for him which is more than he is worth.


If I had to guess I’d say it has mostly to do with having the right connections to player agents.


Nah, dog food is redundant in China, they don’t feed dogs there – they eat them! :grin:


I’m happy to see him leave tbh. Been brilliant for Chelsea.