Chelsea thread


it begins… Bye Hazard.


He’s a great player (especially on his day) but to me he feels quite replaceable for Chelsea. I don’t think their fans will be too worried. Not that it’s the most important issue but once again Chelsea will turn a great profit on him. It’s gonna make me mad to see us sell Ozil and Sanchez for a relative pittance and see Chelsea get another astronomical fee.


Hazard is a curious one in that be has the talent to be more than he is now, should be scoring and dominating games much more than he does. He should be putting up figures like Neymar has been for Barca barring this season.

I think he coasts on his talent like Ozil does to an extent and can be quite causal, he doesn’t quite have that killer mentality in the sense that say a Ronaldo or Messi does. It’s as if he doesn’t quite know how great he could be.

He’d be a great fit at Real though and maybe that move would make him step up to the next level because Lord knows he’s capable, plus would LOVE to see him break the hearts of the chavs.


Yeah you can see he has a dick streak that probably makes him lazy but I think he’s probably the most gifted individual in the league. Definitely the most “unplayable on his day” at least so they’d hopefully be weaker without him.


Chelsea sell Hazard for £75,000,000 and then come to us and force us to sell Özil for £30,000,000 because he’s in the last year of his contract. Özil says yes because he is settled in London, Chelsea just won the league and they’re offering him the £250,000 per week that we wouldn’t.

Özil gets 21 assists that season and wins the Champions League.

Sounds about right.


Unlike us, Chelsea tie down their players. Hazard is contracted until 2020 so they can afford to wait around until a big offer comes in. Ah the joys of the ball being in your court, wonder what that feels like?!


Alexis would be an ideal replacement for Hazard. He wont have to relocate or anything, and we will sell really cheap to them as well as Alexis is in his last year of contract. Go on board, you know you’re itching to :slight_smile:


They can have that poxy banner aswell…


£25,000,000 is like 3 years of Wenger salary. We’ll have made his contract back in one transfer!


That 25 will have to go to the stadium debt the ozil money will cover Wengers wages.


More like £8,000,000 + Cesc if it’s Chelsea.



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Wenger will sign him…


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