Chelsea thread

I predicted last summer that Chelsea would probably struggle to get Werner, Havertz and Ziyech all gelling properly and that Lampard would probably collapse under the pressure and be one of the first to get sacked. Cunts still won the CL even though that all happened.

There is no real implosion for a club like Chelsea, it goes under the radar because of the City but these cunts are absolute poison to the footballing world of finances, they spend 60 million when they’re under bans for scrupulous activity and then follow it up with 200 million summers.

I genuinely loathe that fucking club and I hate how having no loyalty and constantly throwing money at problems works for them, each and every fucking time.


Hear hear

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As I type this I’m rewatching us kick Chelsea’s arse at Stamford Bridge on Sky Sports

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Yep, if Lampard was never in charge, Mount would never get a chance there, Tammy would never have got games probably tomori and reece james. 2 of them helped win the CL this season.

Imagine a world where Mount wasn’t given the chance. No love anywhere. :broken_heart:


Money doesn’t solve everything but it sure helps solve most things.


Won’t lie if those cunts get Hakimi and Haaland I will be hating like a mother fucker.


And they can just write off Werner.

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