Chelsea thread

Believe it or not, I’ve met many Arsenal fans that either barely caught the Invincibles or didn’t even catch them while they were following the club.
Most people I talk to U25 are more familiar with Walcott, Nasri, Fabregas, Alexis, RVP, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, etc.
I’ve mentioned this before but the Arsenal sides the past decade or so have attracted many teenagers due to being a young exciting team.
Could be underdog factor too.


Watkins and Grealish are just old enough to have been aware of the Invincibles. Especially as English guys.

Yeah Grealish and Watkins should remember the the Invincible era. They’d have been 9/10.

My comment was meant as a joke anyway. More getting at the idea that it’ll be harder for the new generation to say they “enjoyed” watching Arsenal when they were a kid.

Obviously I know that kids do still follow Arsenal. I still see plenty of Arsenal shirts round my way. I’d imagine there is more of a spread of teams at schools nowadays though. When I was at school, most people were Arsenal, Spurs (because of locality) or United (because of glory hunting).


None of that matters though. Rarely do you get a great player for a club who was a fan of the club.

I doubt Henry, Vieira or Bergkamp were Arsenal fans.

Maldini was a Juve fan…


Alright those guys are older so bad example, but Saliba for example was an Arsenal supporter as a kid. He woulda been 2 for the invincibles season.

We had a generation of French and Belgian kids wanting to wear the red and white, watching the likes of Henry, Vieira and Pires, and we are reaping none of the rewards.

The year we signed Gervinho was the year we should have gone flat out for Hazard, but the club was too focused on remaining in the green. They didn’t want to speculate and missed out on the jewel in the crown.


If Tuchel can get CL football it would a great start to his Chelsea tenure given where he took over at the halfway point.

Have to admit I was maybe wrong about Tuchel he’s got Chelsea playing very good. I’m impressed

Lol :joy:


Elite level modern progressive coach making instant impact. Really trying to get behind Mikel again with our recent improvement but feel we’ve missed big here.


You can only beat whose in front of you etc, but since he got the job they played Wolves, Burnley, Spurs, Sheffield and Newcastle. Not exactly great opponents. Let’s see how he will do in the future.

its way too early to be calling it elite coaching by this stage. This Chelsea squad is absolutely incredible talent wise and my grandmother could probably make top4 with that squad.

Lets see in November next season how they perform and where they are at.

Arsenal fans would be complaining about the possession based football under Tuchel


Of course. I’m just basing it on what I’ve seen so far against the oppositions they’ve faced.

I thought he would come in and sort out their defence but not only has he done that, he has got them scoring and has done it very quickly.
Yet another manager that our board overlooked because they preferred Arteta.

Wasn’t he the PSG manager at the time? That might suggest that he wasn’t overlooked as much as it was a case of him being unavailable to us because a far richer and better team were employing him.

Can we also say that we overlooked Pep and Klopp and that the board preferred Arteta to them too?

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Quotes from Timo Werner


Sounds like he’s never watched a single PL match before showing up at Chelsea. I could have told him the defenders were rapid and insanely physical.

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Wait, so he’s saying the Prem is demanding and it’s not a myth players have to adjust. :bergkamp2:


That can’t be because we are told every league is the same