Chelsea thread


The signs seem good for them. It’s now about keeping the consistency.


Antonio Conte is only the second manager in Premier League history to win 13 of his opening 16 games in the competition (after John Gregory - at Aston Villa - in 1998).

Villa went on to finish 6th that season, I believe. If only history would repeat itself again…


They’ll fuck it up. Although I remember saying that about Leicester last year too and they never crumbled.


That’s 8 clean sheets in 10 games and they have a piss easy fixture list.

That’s the stuff championships are built upon.

We can’t buy a clean sheet at the moment it’ll cost us.


Think I would rather the unbearable Liverpool win it than Chelsea and that’s saying something.

Still hope Pep and City can get it together and go on a big run though, would be best case scenario.


Hate those pricks Chelsea but it’s December. Lot can change in a week nevermind 6 months. We beat them 3-0 remember.


That was Chelsea in disarray, this side would be a totally different proposition.

Essentially we gave them their wake up call, they’ve been dominating ever since.


they weren’t playing 3-5-2 then. The formation that’s won them 10 games in a row 8 of them with cleansheets.


Jesus this shit is annoying Calum. Stop with that, we fucking crushed those cunts. We can play this stupid “but” game all day. If Mustafi wasn’t invited we wouldn’t have lost to lolpool, if Mustafi wasn’t injured we wouldn’t have lost to Everton and we’d be undefeated and top of the league. So on my mind we are the best team in the league.


I didn’t say we didn’t lol. We did and it was awesome all I’m saying is they were shit before the formation change and that saying we beat them 3-0 isn’t evidence that they will have a mass loss of form and lose everything. This run of 10 straight wins won’t continue but they won’t have a mass loss of form.


Tbh they’ve not even been good offensively against WBA and Sunderland but at the end of the day they got through their hard games with W’s and now have their easier run in. They fully deserve their position and we deserve to be behind after failing the Spurs, United and Everton tests.


They can win games 1-0 playing in 2nd gear.

They’re cruising.


OK well using that logic we won’t lose again with Mustafi in our lineup and go unbeaten the rest of the season.




All the people who keep saying a lot can change are technically right.
The problem is those of us that dont are basing our negativity on a decade of repeat failings and weakness thats now Arsenal and Wenger pedigree.
Nothing more. Nothing less. Just simple facts. Doesnt make anybody less an Arsenal fan.


Tottenham stopped their run in that famous 5-3 2 years ago, then they went on a shit run, albeit they won the league in the end. Let’s see if it is gonna happen again this season.


They were playin 4-2-3-1 right? The formation that they used when they last won a league?


I don’t expect Chelsea to go unbeaten for the rest of the season but I do expect them to still win the league at a canter, they’ll be champions by the end of April, with 3 games to spare.

Worth noting too, their last 3 fixtures are against Boro, West Brom and Sunderland. Ours are Man United, Stoke and Everton. We’d need to be leading by a few points to stand a chance, though I suspect we’ll be several points behind.


Their bench looked piss poor last night, much worse than ours. One/two injuries and they would struggle.


As long as they keep Costa fit I think they’ll be ok, and perhaps the wing backs. But we can’t assume they will get any major injuries, they’ve been fine so far!