Cheick Tiote


Passed away according to Twitter. Collapsed on the training ground.


Wait what?!


Fuck, was literally expecting us to be linked with him.

Shocking and sad news.


Awful news. Scored the goal of his life against us.


WTF!? Shocking!


I saw RIP thread and this thread and thought, “Na way mate.” This is shocking.

RIP Cheick. :worried:


Just got the news on my phone great player and only 30years old thats no age to die.

R.i.p Tiote


Ramsey finally improving his target shooting a bit.

(Too soon?)


RIP Tiote, can never begrudge him that equaliser in the 4-4 as it was such a fantastic strike, worthy of an 8 goal thriller.

It’s always very strange and unnerving when obviously way above average level fitness guys in sport pass away like this



RIP :disappointed:


You have to ask yourself that with the modern medical advances and supposed intense medical examinations players undergo before they sign for clubs, how do these things keep being missed?


Absolutely horrendous news, RIP.




Fucking awful news, RIP.


Horrible and sad news! I was laughing out loud when I saw there was a thread about him again. What a bitter laugh that turned out to be. Poor wife and unborn kid :pensive: RIP Cheick.


Horrible news. Will never forget his equaliser in the 4-4 game in 2011.


Could not believe it when I read it. How the hell is this sort of thing happening so often these days? Reminds me of the whole NFL and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) controversy. I hope doctors are looking beyond the obvious here in order to catch the problem early in a players career so as to minimise the occurrences of such deaths.

RIP Cheick!! May god bless his family.


There must be a fine line between peak physical condition and the overall strain your body can endure. 30 years old, such a shame!



Not too soon, just too nonsensical