Charlie Patino (Loan: Blackpool)

I think the long-term vision of the club certainly involves our academies.

Once the team is set up with 18-20 players that are good enough then the rest of the spots in the team will be filled by youngsters being integrated, rubbing off the goldust of the first team players.

City are kinda doing that now. Probably the smallest squad they’ve had in years but they’ve filled up the remaining spots by youngsters.

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Seems popular with the fans which means he can’t be doing badly, think he’ll stay in the team regardless of a new manager.

They’ve got a got a good song for him as well, we need to find a way to nick it when he’s back.

The comps I’ve seen give me Partey vibes.

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Fuck it. Recall him.
Rather him being Partey’s backup than Sambi Toure.

Matt Smith will be included in the squad alot more now, and for me, hes a fabulous player.
Not sure about his ability to do that on a PL stage but has been on loan a couple of times and id like to see him giving a chance in cups and Europe.

He’s 22 and his only experience is League One. Gonna be a big worry if we end up relying on him.


They have to start somewhere
I like him as a player, he clearly is lacking something otherwise Mikel would have included him a while back

So why do you think he’ll be included more now then? And also, you’ve probably seen more of him than I have, so what have you seen that makes you think he is a fabulous player?

He will be included as Elneny is injured, he has already been pictured in 1st team training

I like him as he is my kind of player, he sits in the middle and controls the game, can spot a pass and follow it up by making it successful. He tracks back well and works hard.
Every time I’ve seen him he has been the best player on the pitch.

How many times have you seen him? Out of curiosity

Only a few, under 10 times, couldnt tell you the exact amount

Now do that for all loans @shamrockgooner . :grin:

Edit: You did. :grimacing:

Bit of patience like :slight_smile:

Found one guy who isn’t even at the club any more too :joy:


Where have you seen pictures of him in training?

As far as I can tell he is still at Blackpool and expected to play for them in the cup tie this weekend.

I doubt we are able to recall him this late in the window. I’ve never totally understood this clearly but my broad understanding is that clubs agree January recall clauses but they have to be activated by certain dates to allow the loaning club to find another option.

He is talking about Matt Smith.


Think he means the League or Europe. Already cup tied.

The only thing I know about Matt Smith is he has 1 more major honour than Harry Kane.


Patino should start in Cup games next year and get a couple of late cameos in home games. I don’t think calling his loan short now would be good for anybody.


Patinho on the scoresheet today. Anyone see the game?