Charlie Patino (87)

LOL no disagreement there - we were horrendously (inexcusably) bad… its the kind of sh*t performance you don’t think is possible and shakes your belief frankly… I was actually fairly confident of top 4 before today (a lot of that is that Spurs and ManU look awful too), but now I am seriously concerned… if I were any bottom 10-12 club, I’d study this game and use it as template against us.


Yep. This is a massive red flag for me.
Reminiscent of the Everton game.

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i think he is gonna get a lot of magnificent experiences in the years that follow.


lol :sweat_smile:

But some people react just the right way to experiences like this, maybe he does, let’s see.


shit is he starting tonight?

Don’t think so. I wad asking you if tonight was the night to react🙂

Arteta on Patino: “I think they [the two losses against Nottingham Forest and Liverpool] were magnificent experiences for him, tough ones, but as…”