Championship Playoffs 2017

I’m saying Fulham as they seem to be the best side on form ATM.

Playoff fixtures:

Sat 13th May: Fulham vs Reading (5.30pm)

Tue 16th May: Reading vs Fulham (7.45pm)

Sun 14th May: Huddersfield vs Sheffield Wednesday (12.00pm)

Wed 17th May: Sheffield Wednesday vs Huddersfield (7.45pm)

Gonna predict a Fulham vs Huddersfield final

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Second leg for Reading vs Fulham tonight.


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yeah I really want Fulham to win, Reading are such a boring pointless club

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Watching it instead of Arsenal? :giroud:

:confused: why would I be doing that?

Just asking. You sounded so happy for Fulham :wink:

Nah I’d support anyone against Reading! :sleeping:

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I actually am watching Reading vs Fulham because we can’t find a channel showing Arsenal / Sunderland hah

Decent game so far

0-0 HT.
1-0 Reading!
Unlucky Fulham. But they had a season beyond any expectation. They will be one of favourites next season.


Sheffield Wednesday or Huddersfield please do not bottle the final.

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C’mon Calum! 6 easy points for us next season.

Yess!! Stam

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Well that’s a majority of peoples votes out then. Eggs firmly in the Wednesday basket now. I love how @Bl1nk 's the only one who wants Reading to go up, purely for Jaap Stam :laughing:

Reading had very fortunate decisions go for them in both legs, they can count themselves very lucky.

We have the best record against Reading out of any team in world football, but I still would rather Sheffield Wednesday get promoted. I say Wednesday, because clearly Huddersfield have just run out of gas.

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I will leave again if Reading get promoted


So we’d have to put up with fucking Reading and no Luke?! That’s not fair man!

Luke’s looking for any excuse to get away. @Leper will make sure he stays here :gunnersaurus:

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C’mon Reading!!


What’s the longest Reading have ever managed to Stay in the top flight ?