Championship Playoffs 2017

Best part of the Championship season is back. Four teams one dream. Who’s becomes the reality and wins promotion at Wembley?

  • Huddersfield Town
  • Reading
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • Fulham

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Anyone but fucking Reading!!

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Always a good day out Fulham especially if the weathers good.

Hope it’s Fulham 'cos it’s one of the nicest grounds in the country and a brief antidote to the boring modern grounds that are gradually taking over.

Reading are a nothing club if we’re honest, easy to get to tho.

Huddersfield have lost form at the wrong time and have committed the cardinal sin of resting players for the playoffs. It’s not going to be them

‘Sheff Weds’ would be fun to see back in the big time. Got a touch of the 90s about it :sunglasses:


Fulham. No other choice :mustafi:


We miss your Fulham updates Luca :wink:

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Gotta shout for Huddersfield. Another of my CM favourites back in the day and add in that they finished third and have never been in the Premier League and they tick all the boxes.

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The scenes if Leeds overturn a three point gap and 13 goal difference… :poldi:

Fulham have hit great form in the last two months. Though this time I fancy Sheffield Wednesday to come out on top after last seasons disappointment. Plus it’s kinda nuts to think we’ve had no club from Yorkshire in the PL since Sheff Utd a decade ago.

Out of the four clubs, Reading is the one I least give a damn wanting back in the PL.



Meh, I meant a proper Yorkshire side :campbell:

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Shut your noise it’s Wednesday

Craven cottage is a properly lovely ground and the way it’s done for such a small ground is actually really clever.

Hillsborough is a shithole but easily best atmosphere of any team there. Fuck off reading you boring pricks. What a nothing team.

I care to remember no one on OA wanted Hull to win the playoffs and the pricks did… Hope it doesn’t happen again with Reading.

Easy 6 points for us but boring bland nothing team who would add nothing to the PL.

@Bl1nk why?! :santi:

Jaap Stam is their manager, he’s done well.


They probably play one of the best football in England. They are a very attacking team.

Totally delighted for Leeds and their inbred fans that they fucked up like this. Hugely overrated Monk imploded in brilliant form.
Let the chaos continue for another season cunts.

Anyone but Reading please.

He has, they’ve actually played some really nice stuff this season too atleast at home anyway I see they got spanked 7-1 at Norwich the other week lol

I wanted Leeds but yeah that’s gone now. Most likely it’ll be Fulham v Sheffield Wednesday in the final, if their positions stay as they are. They’re the 2 in form teams at the moment. Either would be fine with me, I echo everyone else with the “just not Reading” sentiment.

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I know Huddersfield have never been in the Prem, but it’s so long ago I can’t remember when they were last in the top flight. Time they had another shot.

1971 the first season me dad took me to away games. I went.