Cesc Fabregas


Don’t answer it @Maverick79 , it’s a trick question :gunnersaurus:


oh she knows the answer that we are gonna give, she is only something like 20-22ish i reckon


She wishes :arteta: I think you’re safe now :wink:



Looking 22 is enough. I’ll take that.


Who told you that?

They lied.




I’m just jealous cos all the girls flirt with Cristo, so I’m lashing out.

Whereas when I post a selfie I get AC telling me I have a big head.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


There’s plenty in the gallery thread :henry2:


Yep. Mysty would know – he printed them out to create a shrine!


And what a shrine it is :giroud3:


This is the good old MDC bants I missed :giroud2:


I think the overall tone of the last 10 posts or so, just about sumes up that no one is particularly bothered about wanting Fabregas back :smile: If he was gonna go back to Arsenal, it needed to be three years ago, but we opted not to, and he went to Chelsea. Best to leave his time with us in the past.


Haha Cesc and Henry were my childhood guys. Can’t help it


I think he’d comeback as a manager not as a player, bold prediction I know but I feel he’s a future manager, played under 3 greats in Pep, Wenger, Jose too, would’ve learnt a lot from them


He’s so fucking past it I have no idea why anyone would want him


I loved Cesc but to take him back now when he’s got absolutely no legs in the modern game at 32 years of age would be ludicrous.


I thought he was a total twat in his last season with us. He shouldn’t be in the Henry/Vieira/Pires category. Heck, he shouldn’t even be in the Giroud/Vermaelen/Podolski bracket.

He should be with the weasely likes of Sanchez, C"ntley Cole, Adebayor, RvC and Nasri


Absolute nonsense

Also why is Sanchez in with RvP and Ashley Cole lol


For me, he might have won things with Barca and Chelsea but his best football years was at Arsenal. At Barca he failed to deliver and his dream move didn’t work out at all, I wonder if Barca fan’s would place him in the most disappointing signings they had. At Chelsea, he did well for a season or so then it became very hit and miss. He’s also hasn’t cemented his place among the very best at Chelsea. Doubt fan’s there care if he plays or not.

I didn’t like the way he went about thing’s with Arsenal in his last season, left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t think he’s a legend of Arsenal, and I feel insulted for guys who are legends at Arsenal that any fan would put him in there with them. We’ve haven’t had a legend at this club in a long long time.

We’ve had cult heroes like Van Persie, Giroud and Sanchez. Cesc would fit in there with them. Gave us some great times and moments but didn’t do enough to quite reach the level of legend.