Cesc Fabregas

Nasri, Diaby and Fabregas all just chilling there. All casually different levels technically to anything we have now.

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Never had my heart broken like that before or since.

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Fking orgasmic. Sad it ended the way it did.

Santi filled the hole in my heart that Cesc left when he started flirting with Barca.

Santi was great but doesn’t come near Cesc for me. He was pretty much irreplaceable in our team, it’s a shame he went to Barça and essentially wasted himself playing in their system.

Despite the fact he grew up in La Masia and was obviously gifted on the ball he never suited their style. Then we had the chance the sign him, at least supposedly, and fucking turned it down :man_facepalming:t3:


We went from Cesc to Santi to Ozil to Xhaka

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Would you believe there exist people that think Xhaka is better than Cesc, Santi. Because of numbers.

Stupid cunts

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I don’t believe, I don’t want to

Best avoiding twitter full stop, especially for anything politics or football related.

Even by numbers alone it must he hard to compare Xhaka to Cesc though surely? Either way it’s simply not something worth debating ha


Oh they manage it. I bet our coach and directors would too, somehow.

These are people who haven’t actually watched the players though. It’s like why would you want an opinion from someone about a film or a video game they haven’t seen or played? Oh they read someone on Twitter talking about it, fuck outta here.

Ain’t got time for that and it’s never worse than when people are talking about players.

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Are these twitter people?

Using ‘Twitter’ people as a reference, is the equivalence of using Wikipedia as a reference in a paper in the early 2000’s.

Most twitter users are either North African morons (really, morons), fake bots or follow-whores, or trolls. It is not a measurement or barometer.

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No one actually believes Xhaka is better than Cesc. If they stated it on Twitter, they were merely trolling for attention.

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Of course there are. Twitter is full of Xhaka stans. :face_vomiting:
Reckon it’s young Arsenal fans though who didn’t catch Fabregas or Santi at their best.

Funny that that was what people said about those players, except about Rocky and Thomas.

Henry really wanted to score that day. 2:36


My memory might be incorrect, but bringing on Flamini was the mistake. Cesc was probably tired (they all were), but the Flamini sub simply forced the team backwards.

If the team was tired, they should have engaged in a bit of gamesmanship. Go down with cramp every 5 minutes. Force a stoppage.

Reyes (RIP) would have been perfect for that.