Cedric Soares (17)

In defence of Cedric he’s basically been thrusted into a starting role for half a season of course he’s going to end up being brutally exposed

As a deputy full back option he’s absolutely fine for now but as a starter for such a considerable period of time it’s a given that he’s not good enough.

I don’t even think he is good enough to be deputy. Would rather Tavares have that role.

Nah Cedric is better than Tavares, not that it means a great deal as both are shite.

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I disagree. Think Nuno at least offers a little going forward. Cedric can’t defend or attack.

Probably should have started our best defender whos played RB all season at RB if im being honest. Just an idea tho im no big brain like Arteta.

I feel like Nuno has a shocker defensive error in him every 45 mins. So although he offers a bit going forward I’d still rate Cedric marginally higher at this point.

But ultimately it’s like arguing over what shit stinks less bad. Both shouldn’t be at Arsenal.

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Mother of god lad, do you know what’s an offside trap? :man_facepalming:
Lay it in @Phoebica

Yeah absolute waste of space yet again. One of the worst players we’ve ever had. Leave him in Newcastle.

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Could have had AMN, Bellerin or Chambers as back up instead, but no, we choose to stick with Kia and Raul’s love child.

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He shouldn’t of even been at this club.

Current regime bought in this waster and Pablo Mari…

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Tomiyasu was awful too and Cedric actually kept up well but then he no showed for the goal and then kept fucking the offside trap that was working so well.
Says a lot that even Tavares got it right…

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He’s so bad.

so bad that he is somehow good?

Nah, that’s reserved for things like the “Fast and Furious” movies.

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Man the first one was actually really good, loved a little bit of Paul Walker back in the day before he went too Fast and Furious forever

The first one is incredible even if that scene of Vin Diesel eating tuna from a can makes me not take him seriously.

Wait you don’t eat your tuna from a can?


Thats what makes you not take him seriously? Not his ultra-cringe old Facebook posts?

I mean, we buy it in a can but when I ate tuna I didn’t eat it from the can. You put it in a bowl, add some dill, chili flakes, lemon, maybe some sriracha mayo. Never just straight from the can.

Straight from the can is gangsta