Cedric Soares (17)

Meh, Boro’s chairman also lashed out at Wenger for not playing enough Englishmen.

Can’t take anything anyone from that part of the country ever says with any seriousness

Of course you’re going to be sore watching him perform like he did in the cup against much bigger teams lol. He’s a big reason they got as far as they did in the cup. You’d be raging if you were a Boro fan


I hear you but I would still want to do my due diligence and find out more about him. He played nearly every match for them for 1.5 years, was clearly a significant talent for a club like Boro, and then they loaned him to another Championship team they could be fighting against for a playoff spot. They have another talented RWB but you still don’t loan one of your most talented players to rivals for no good reason. Something was up.

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Fair points. I do think we’re actually making more of an effort in regard to having a look at profiles outside of just kicking the ball. Seeing what they’re like as people and how they might fit in with the culture of the club so if Edu and Arteta decided he wasn’t for Arsenal then I’ll accept that for now.

Though at 21 I wouldn’t go too far into his earlier mentality either, very young and malleable age. And after our game against him I really thought he would just disappear into obscurity. I was really surprised to see a little consistency at that level begin to form, especially in the next game which I believe was against the Foxes.

If the fee wasn’t too large I’d happily take the risk


I don’t know though. The best two right backs in the Championship are Isaiah Jones and Djed Spence, who are both owned by Boro. So either way, Boro fans would miss out on seeing one play for them regularly.

If I had to pick one right now, think I’d actually edge towards Jones, and therefore wouldn’t be bitter about Spence.

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We rage on here every time one of our loanies kicks a ball in straight line so I dunno. Though I don’t follow the championship so that’s interesting to hear they’re so stacked in that position, a position that globally doesn’t seem a very deep pool at the moment.

You’d imagine that the FA Cup run Spence performed in then was probably the best thing to happen for them. Now they can sell him and keep the better talent.

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I get what you’re saying. But our fans tend to moan when we think our loanees could do a job for us. If we have a player doing an equal or better job than said loanee then the amount we care about the guy we sent on loan will naturally lower. That is probably the situation here. Though football fans are fickle, there no doubt will have been weeks when Jones had a bad games and they all called for Spence to come back.

But yeah, like you say, in the long term, Spence getting all the plaudits could be a good thing for Boro in terms of transfer fee.

I think you’ll find more people happy at the prospect that we might get a few pennies for a loanee not performing like a cunt than people upset about it.

Players we give away for free to Barca, different story.

Hmm I don’t know how often I’ve read about the idea of AMN doing a job for us in midfield. A player who has famously had around one good game in midfield for us lmao.

I get your point though and I’ll take your word that Jones is better and that most Boro fans would prefer him to Spence. So that leads me to ask what do you think about Spence in regard to the attitude issues, are they severe and valid or just fans being fickle and petty? Is it a deal breaker or was he just acting like a dumb kid with nothing too serious to worry about if he made the step up?

No smoke without fire. I recall Neil Warnock suggesting Spence had attitude problems. No idea how severe they are though, could just be a case of Boro fans being loyal to the club.

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Spence is a nothing player.

You don’t think he’ll be exSPENCEive then?

Ah sorry, that was really bad


Boro fans after the game against us were giggling about how much people were rating him. They were saying that he’s not consistent, has bad attitude problems and would happily sell him for £10-£15m

Take that as you may

I don’t see the point in signing Spence when we have Norton-Cuffy already here and is 3 years younger.

Bet they felt like cunts when he did the exact same thing against Leicester in the next round though lol.

Never any guarantees when you buy from the lower domestic leagues and expect them to make the step up, however it’s a market I’ve felt we’ve ignored a little too much in the past. Wealth of talent down a division or two and we really should be keeping more of an eye on it. Whether it’s us, United or Spurs £10m is all we should be paying on this type of deal.

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I thought he was contracted until the end of 23/24, glad to hear it’s only 22/23.

Man is so out of his depth it’s unreal

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Lol, never a pen.


Both things are true and it’s the price we pay for handing out some bad contracts. There’s a reason he was still plodding away at Southampton in his late 20s.


This guy should not play even a single game for us after this season. I’d rather see a youngster play than someone that has a very low ceiling.