Cedric Soares (17)

Bellerin was fine. Not great, but didn’t do anything particularly bad either. Just fine.

Didn’t commit errors leading to scoring chances for the opposition.

It’s a low bar here.

Willian was worse.

I dunno. I’d probably give Willian 0.5 more than Cedric. Partey, Lacazette and Cedric were the worst 3 for me.

But that’s kind of my point, Bellerin didn’t do anything special and played okay on his preferred side. Cedric didn’t do anything special, played okay and made 1 mistake (which shouldn’t have led to a goal by the way), playing out of position. At worst Cedric’s performance should be rated the same as Bellerin

But he didn’t play OK. I get he wasn’t on his preferred side, but he was still less than OK. He was arguably the worst performer on the pitch. His defending/decision making in the lead up to their goal was appalling – it shouldn’t matter where on the pitch you are, if you’re a professional footballer you should be doing better there.

Sure, mistake aside they both had an OK game but Cedric’s mistake led to us conceding a late goal.
So overall his performance was poor.

Memory serves me correctly, cedric allowed the goalscorer to get goal side of him aswell no?


Yep, completely lost his man.

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He’d murder your mom and you’d still say that

3.5 year deal and can’t get into the team ahead of Chambers or Xhaka playing out of position. Not great.


Might as well sell him Mike.

He’s hardly got any value

Save on them wages, seems to be a thing now.