Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


I can see Jenkinson being on something closer to the 40-50k range than 20k or so, especially considering the fanfare surrounding the BritishCore signing thing that happened whenever it was. At the time he was pencilled in as the Sagna replacement

I can’t imagine Ramsey and Wilshere getting bumped up to the degree they were and then Jenkinson being left on a really low figure, he must’ve been proportionately ‘upped’ as well.


Why would clubs turn down Gibbs on 80k and sign Jenkinson on 50k? Doesn’t make sense given Gibbs is a much more solid performer.


Because it’s a loan and we’re probably still paying a significant portion of his wages.


Google says he’s on 45k, which sounds about right considering he signed the deal after coming back from a very successful loan at a very successful West Ham.

I must say I saw less of him during his second spell there than the first, but was he that bad? Didn’t seem it to me the few times I saw him then he got injured and now he’s some pariah that’s stepping down a league?

On paper he’s probably been good more recently than Gibbs has.


my hope is that Charlton get promoted this season back into the Championship and then we sell Jenko back to them next season after impressing at Birmingham


He was dropped from the starting lineup before the injury if I recall.





Might as well retire


:joy: You couldn’t make it up! This guy is a walking disaster. The good news for Birmingham though, is we have a ready made replacement for them - Debuchy :grinning:


I bet Debuchy suddenly can’t wait to sign for Bordeaux or Nice :smirk:


oh that is unlucky for Jenks, really hope he recovers well and has a decent season for Birmingham


Where is he? Still under contract here?


I think still 2 more years. Time to get rid of him. Arsenal fan, but not Arsenal quality.


Just looked, we gave him a new five year deal in 2015!

Who the fuck sanctioned that?!






How do you know?


How do you not know?


Who on earth would be going above Wengers head back then?