Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


It’s the 6 month anniversary of the last post in the Corporal’s thread :eyes:

Also he’s wanted by Hellas Verona and Sassuolo in Italy, somewhat randomly



I’m surprised there’s not even been a single post about needing to shift him or anything along those lines.

I remember a few seasons back I was with my dad having a pizza and a few beers before a match and Carl Jenkinson was also there in the restaurant with about 8 to 10 family members. They just looked like a group of average Arsenal fans doing what average Arsenal fans do before a home game. It was in the restaurant right next to Highbury and Islington station if you turn left out the exit and onto the Holloway Road, so nothing at all flashy.

It’s hard not to find that a bit endearing and warm to him but he really has to leave now, it’s getting silly lol


should sell him back to Charlton, I would be happy with that


Any news about him? He can’t stay here and rot tbh. Seems like a nice chap and all, but someone aught to snap him up.

I also wonder if he thought playing that one cap for England was worth it? He would have easily been Finlands best player and at least get some competitive football out of it.


Going on loan, loooooooooooooooooooooooooool

His contract expires 2020 :joy:

Hope Bramall does well, he’s obviously not Arsenal level but a great find out of non league football.


Lol 2020. Best of luck Jenkinson!


So we are basically loaning Jenkinson out for 3 years until his contract expires :xhaka:

  1. Haha.


wtf when did he sign this deal ? Why did we give him such a long term contract when he has always been shit ?


Dat English grit.


Blue is your colour Jenks, don’t be in too much of a hurry to come back…


Bye Jenko :sob:


Goodluck Corporal.


who in the living goddamn mother fucking hell gives players like jenkinson a contract until fucking 2020 and our main star players their contracts run down. Wenger is a fucking fool and he is doing this shit on purpose i feel.


He’s an experienced international :wink:Much in the way Paul Konchesky is.


We should be crediting Jenkinson or his representatives more in getting a big (ish, relative to his ability) contract up to 2020 at a club the size of Arsenal.

Jenkinson is a decent Championship level player!! Wonder what proportion of his wages we’re subsidising.


Gonna take a wild stab in the dark here, but I’d imagine because Jenks is on like 20k to 30k a week max.


Stories were when he was due to sign for Palace that it was 55.


Wow he is laughing


Can’t believe that… but if true, more like communist castle than hamlet