Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


Its a shame to see him going

A gooner living the dream and playing for the club. Problem is he isnt up to the standard that we require

If you look at how Bellerin has come in and played then Jenks is well down on that level. A good back up maybe but he deserves to be playing and Palace may well be his level


The problem is he isn’t even back up to the back up. When Maitland-Niles, who has played about 3 games for Arsenal and isn’t even a right back, is getting picked in that position ahead of you then you know it’s probably time to move on.


Never seemed like Wenger was convinced by him, he wasn’t a Wenger buy was he? So never had the comfort of being one his boys like Ramsey and co.

There was a point where he looked like he could be a good squad player when he stepped in for Sagna after his leg break but that’s a long time ago now, in everyone’s best interest to part ways at this point.

At least he can say be played and scored for the club he supports, best of luck to him.


He got to live his dream for a couple of years, fair play to him. Gave it his all but just weren’t good enough. Winning the FA Cup with us must have been amazing for him.


Thing about Jenks is that he’s good enough to be RB for a fair amount of PL teams therefore that means he’s certainly an adequate enough RB to have been backup for us. The injury he suffered is one he didn’t recover from quickly enough and the furore surrounding some of his indifferent performances upon return did nothing for his confidence.

Ultimately with the type of injury he suffered, you have to be patient to build form, fitness and confidence which matches the intensity and expectations of the league we play in.

Was always a big fan of him. Best of luck.


Signed a new 5 year contract 2015? Could have tried him at centre half…Cant be any worse than Gabriel, who is now playing RB ahead of others while Bellerins out…Wenger probably wants him off the books so he can make a better offer to Sanchez…As for the cunts booing him, shame on them…


Not good enough?


Madrid has the best backup for LB-RB-CB, we should try to sign Nacho.




Thank you thank you I’ll be here all week.


Have we sold him yet? Good luck Carl though. Great Arsenal fan, but not so good for us.


Deal has fallen through apparently lol. Awkward.


Especially for whoever prematurely moved the thread :eyes:


It wasn’t me this time


Deal collapsed with Palace. Probably he will return to West Ham.


You are such a blabbermouth @Bl1nk :cech:

Anywho, give it time…he’ll be gone from our books soon enough. I don’t consider him an Arsenal player anymore :slight_smile:


Did Palace come to their senses and realise how shit he is ?


He’s going to end up in the Championship with Fulham or Brentford etc.


They were willing to match his wage of £40K a week but he wanted more to join a team battling relegation.


We’re all Arsenal fans here but not good enough to play for the club. Jenko has been overrated based on he’s a fan but I wish him well.