Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


At least having players is better than having none. I don’t really want to think about a plan C or D with Coquelin filling that position out of absolute need. Come next summer window we’ll have to be looking at a back-up option anyway as none of the current options will stay for longer just to be second to Bellerin.


No point keeping players the manager doesn’t want to play even when they’re fit. Sure he’s an Arsenal fan, but he’ll still be an Arsenal fan playing for some championship side.


Thanks for your service Carl. #Gooner :sunglasses:


3 million quid for him thats a bonus, Should cover the the money Stan takes out of the club for this year.


Didn’t see a permanent deal coming. But I guess he’s just not gonna cut it here.

Best of luck Jenk!


I feel like last time he got the chance was his make or break, he talked about confidence afterwards, if he’s not ready to play well for us by now maybe it’s best for everyone if he leaves.


Perhaps I’m thinking with my heart here, but he’s worth more than £3m isn’t he?!




In reality he is yes, but no one is gonna pay more so it’s the right thing to do all round really.


Think he’s a steal for £3m for a club like Palace. Doesn’t seem like Wenger was ever convinced by him here.


You would’ve thought so especially considering it’s January and dat English premium.

Says a lot that the club are prepared to let him go for such a sum when we don’t have a bonafide replacement RB.

Best of luck to him though.


Can’t fault his passion but he just never was good enough


I think there was a time Jenko was good enough. But he’s had a bunch of knee injuries now, he doesn’t seem as fast as he once was, and we aren’t in a position to let him regain his form while on the job, if he’ll ever get back to that Arsenal level is an entirely different question on it’s own.


I agree, I think he will go in the window and wish him well.



Never should have brought him back.


We’ve been keeping tabs on plenty of young full backs over the past couple of seasons, so I wonder if we see maybe Debuchy and Gibbs go in the summer also? Question marks over Gabriel remain as most would naturally want to see either Chambers or Holding take up the spaces.

I think this is the right move for Jenkinson. He’s fulfilled part of his dream by playing for Arsenal of course. He gets a PL move to a club who might do enough to stay afloat in the PL and under a manager that he’s dealt with whilst on loan with West Ham. Good luck to him, unfortunate not to work out in the end.


Never should have signed him in the first place. In what world was he ever going to be good enough to be the first choice or even second choice right back at Arsenal? Much respect for his efforts and some admirable performances, but it always looked like a pointless signing right from the off. Good luck to him at Palace, hope he does really well.


I like him and I like his attitude but I think Wenger is going to sell him at the earliest opportunity !
The Wenger comments about him losing confidence and social media attacks ,not being in the right mind to play shocked me .
I didnt know he was booed ,if he was Im appalled.
I also think he can be a good cover man at that position !


I’m never against taking a punt on a lower league prospect (see Bramall) but they pretty much require a meteoric rise from there to be first team material, otherwise it’s 3 loans and we provide some other team lower down the pyramid with a more polished player. Nothing wrong with that in itself, it’s a service to football.

In Jenkinson’s case he wasn’t Arsenal’s level and really got far more playing time than he warranted (Premier League minutes etc)