Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


The moment he went on loan to West Ham, really was enough of a sign that he wasn’t good enough for here. OK, it was good to give him proper game time somewhere, but he never really showed any level of looking really good.

It’s sad that even as a backup, he’s not good enough for that either. If Debuchy wasn’t so injury prone, I think Jenko would’ve long gone. I haven’t thought of him as a player here for a long while.


Used the same phrase to describe Jenkinson in the ground tonight as I did when watching Dover Athletic Vs Cambridge United last week -

“Oh Dear. That lacked talent.”


Don’t call him THAT, it is disrespectful…his name is Carl!


Just sell him to a lower league club in January, but knowing Wenger he will spend another 2 and a half years at Arsenal.


Feel sorry for him as it’s always been abundantly clear he’s not good enough, never was good enough and probably never will be for a place in the Arsenal squad. Not sure why Wenger ever threw the dice on him but fair play to Jenkinson for giving it everything to try and overcome the stacked odds.

It obviously makes it a lot harder that there was no real plan to deal with the pressing game of Southampton up the pitch either. There were situations where he was better off just knocking it out of play given the lack of cut back options from the flanks last night.


The booing of Jenks yesterday was pathetic though, we should be above that bullshit.


Seriously, he got booed?!

That is pretty appalling if true. He’s not much good but the boy is one of our own and would run through brick walls for the club (that’s two solid football clichés back to back), no way should anyone think booing him is appropriate.


Jenkinson didnt get booed lol.

If he did…it was probably by a small section of day trippers.


Were you at the game?

A few of my mates were and they said he was, seems to be echoed by others on social media also.


I was at the game, heard no booing of him and I was right next to block 6 where the most vocal fans are.



Sad to read this, but we need to move on.


I don’t know what anyone expected of him but I certainly don’t think he has been shit in his very limited appearances and following a lengthy injury lay off and his first appearances in an Arsenal shirt in over the guts of 2 and 1/2 years.

He’ll be happy to stay around on not massive wages and be a part of a squad. We have to have 8 home grown players anyway, assuming we aren’t signing another one of them any time soon I really have no issue with him staying.

As is always my philosophy however, if we can improve…etc


Yeh I’m not really sure how Wenger commenting on his confidence like that helps - if he did, I didn’t care enough to read the article.

It reminds me of Wenger saying that Iwobi needs to get over his nerves and now he looks a shadow of his former self. Once more, I never actually heard Wenger speak these words.

It does all seem like poor man management though, how many average players did we see Fergie use to win titles, largely because he lit a fire under them and made them play beyond their capacity. What I do know for sure is Wenger can’t even seem to get players who seem to have a sliver of actual talent playing hard such as Ramsey and Ox so it’s really just a case of time for a change more-so than sell all our shit players.


Snap. I never do but at least with Arseblog you know it’s not click bait bullshit so the headline is probably all you need anyway.

But yea, John ofuckingshea has five pl titles ffs. John O’Shea!! Fucking five pl titles!! So I completely agree with the rest of your post also.


Haha, yeh it looks like a regurgitated article from the telegraph but still,

“Today it is even more difficult because he gets quickly hammered by everybody on social media. I hope he doesn’t read all that and focuses on his game.”

Fuck me if Wenger said that, how exactly does that help. I mean, obviously Wenger doesn’t care about being hammered by social media because if he did he’d be brain dead by now, but come on Jenks is probably going to hear about it largely because he brought focus to it.


He’s not been that bad defensively has he? His limitations as an attacking player are just highlighted a lot more when we are used to seeing Bellerin pop up pretty much everywhere on the pitch.


About the whole crowd reaction thing, where I was I didn’t hear much booing. I certainly heard a lot of jeering though.

It’s sixty thousand football fans at the end of the day. Cheap tickets too. You’re bound to hear everything and anything. Football fans don’t exactly hold a reputation for being the most composed group either lol.

When someone’s played that shit they tend to hear about it.

I just so happened to have a direct sideline view of Jenkinson being completely ransacked by the Southampton midfield and left back in the first half. He was the closest player to the block.

When you see your player completely overwhelmed and positionally all over the place, making mistakes constantly which then leads to a goal, its only logical that it evokes various different reactions around the ground. As a very very small example, me and a friend were more in the ‘wow fuck me this is diabolical’ facepalming camp than the ‘oh for fuck sake he’s so shit’ brigade around us.


He just is way out of his depth being at a club like Arsenal and we need to fix it, his defensive positioning at times is all over the shop.


I do agree, in the moment (and especially in the stadium) you pretty much can’t help the reaction you have. Its those who are completely overblowing it now based on those limited issues that I feel need to be countered. Some seem to think the fella can’t kick a football anymore.