Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


He was ok, but was a little bit caught out at times. Understandable I guess given he hasn’t played at the club for ages and still finding his feet again.

Will be tough to get any run of games though with Bellerin defacto number 1 right now. He’ll do for the smaller cup matches.


Had a good few ‘derp’ moments. Can definitely see he’s not on the same level as the players around him. Saying that though he looks like he has been working hard on fitness. He looks much quicker than before he went on loan.


Guy hasn’t played for almost a year so rustiness is to be expected.


He will never be at the sort of level to challenge for a starting spot at a top club, remains to be seen if he’s adequate cover.


It depends on what being cover entails in the long run I guess, If we need a player to come in for a game here and there and cover some cup matches then he’s absolutely fine. If we need a player to cover a 3-4 month injury then not really.


Could see he was way off the pace , which is to be expected. Probably not at the level we need in possession and gets caught out a fair bit… but the boy can put a decent ball in the box !


Didn’t think he was that bad at all.


You won’t get a better backup RB. Great to see Jenks back!


Chambers is a better right back than Jenko


When ever I see either Jenkinson or Chambers in the first team I think of two words.
Weak link.

If they weren’t English no one would give them a second look.
Chambers has potential but I just can’t see it with Jenkinson and I think he gets a lot of tolerance because he is an Arsenal supporter.

I like him as a person, and he gives everything when he plays, but realistically he is a third choice RB.


You won’t get a better RB ? Steady on, Sagna & Zabaletta which one of those is Jenkinson better than ?


Our backup RB never makes the match squad it’s a CB and Gibbs. I doubt either of them would be happy with that. That’s what my post meant


How well is The Corporal doing as Bellerin’s stand-in?

Scale is 1 (Éboue Emmanuel at his defensive worst) to 10 (hold Spain to ransom for Bellerin next summer, we’ve got RB covered for a generation).


JENKOOO :poldi:


#truegooner :wink:


6 - his pace was one of our attacking outlet but he can’t conjure up a good cross.
Defensively as good and as bad as others.

Crucial Crucial knee touch to divert the ball away from what would have been a Moura tap in.


I’d say about a 4 clearly not good enough to play many games per season to the point you seriously worry about Bellerin missing more than a game or 2.


Its great that Jenkinson was a youth player and a huge Gooner but he is just isn’t good enough for this level. Its not just his skills either but his positioning and football IQ.

The first goal was fucking awful. It was a very nice ball to switch the field but its Fullback 101 that you need to watch the winger and maintain a position that you’re close enough to close the man down and keep him from having ages to freely pick a pass into the box if the ball is swung to that side.

The second goal just as bad. Jenks loses the ball trying to do God knows what, leaving his man clearly ahead of the play. If his first reaction had been to sprint back, he would have time to get there because the ball is carried into the center a while before being pulled out to the wing. But, no, his first reaction is to moan a little bit, then stroll pointlessly after the man with the ball, then start jogging toward the middle of the box when he finally realizes there is a legitimate threat (due to his man being all alone on the wing).

Let AMN or Holding play every game at RB until Bellerin returns.


He doesn’t even look a football player. He always looks like bambi on ice.


If passion for loving a football club was a skill he’d be world class.

As it is even before his injury his ability aside from the physical were inadequate and nothing has changed.

Unfortunately he won’t make it here even as a back up and he needs to accept that.