Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


If he agrees to lower wages and accepting being a squad player then I can’t see how we can’t use him.


should probably sell him back to Charlton


The Corporal is now our depth at CB and RB #scenes


Happy Birthday Jenko!!




Yep only cool guys like me, Jenko and @Persona are born in 1992 :sunglasses:


His entire career has just passed him by, I get that playing for the dream club is special but I honestly think as he gets older he’ll look back on his career and be disgusted that he didn’t try and make a name for himself playing football week in week out for a smaller club.

There’s still time at only 27 but it seems more of a mentality thing.


This is just a reminder for me that I’m 37 this year. :tired_face:


you are young… 40 is the new 30 =)


Same here.


Completely agree with you.
Last year he got injured during the transfer window so it could have been excuses but no reason not to look for a switch this season.
The romantic period is done with and he should concentrate on making the best of his abilities elsewhere.


I guess mediocrity runs deep for 92ers :wenger2:


Why? He should make the best of his bankaccount. If that means sitting on the bench at Arsenal that’s the right (business) decision to make.


You bitch. :bellerin:


One of us. Deserve a start ahead of Licht.


He’s missing out on playing his favorite thing in the world, not avoiding a day in the acid mines.


That’s a depressing way to live a life.
Be a man and do something good in your life , rather than being a dummy.

Stop encouraging a gold digger’s life on a man capable of doing better.


That’s assuming he is good enough to establish a starting job at another Premier League club when his stint at West Ham might have proven the contrary. He was sharing right back starts and minutes with Tomkins if I’m not mistaken.

He has tried it at another club and I’m sure his agent has looked out for another opportunities. So you and @Castiel would rather play at some mediocre nothing club whilst at the same time that could mean missing out on a couple of tens- if not hunderd thousands of pounds at the end of your career?


He’s a professional football player who plays for his boyhood club lol. This is nonsense.


If I am actually using the money for some other purpose and keeping myself occupied, I would stick around.

If not, I would rather move.

Nothing worse than being without work.