Carl Jenkinson (here forever)




Harsh a.f.


I have to be consistent.


I think he’s got it in him to be a long serving defensive back up and squad player.

I hope there’s still a chance for him.


He was so close to scoring as well today haha.


He actually fits into Emery’s setup well cause he has pace, energy and a decent delivery. He’s the exact kind of fullback that you want bombing forward.


And exactly the type of fullback you don’t want to be relying on to get back…

Big fan of his personally but he’s never been good enough.


Lad has the heart and clearly loves Arsenal, but he’s a championship player at best. Actually his best footballing season wasn’t actually with us but with his first loan spell at West Ham. I’d sell him off and get some profit on him, I know he has a special place with the fans but he’s not going to make it here or with any PL club imo.


Oh no doubt, Im just thinking that’s why Emery has at least kept him in the squad.


I think it’s more that he was here, had no offers to leave and we had a spot in the squad. Big injury list aside he was never getting near the first team I don’t think.


I’m sure he wasn’t, but do you think he’d be a worse option than Lichtsteiner at this point if we’re in trouble? I genuinely don’t.


One game and people back on the let’s give him a chance ish.

He’s not good enough, he’s been riding the pine for that reason. When Wenger gives up on you, you’re done. Sure he’s a nice lad but one game against some dead opposition doesn’t much.

After he’s secured every penny from the contract I’ll wish him well in the Championship.


No, absolutely given current circumstances there could be cause to use him in a real match.


Yeah there’s probably no debating that in most cases


Given he’s supposedly in the top 30% of EPL earners makes him extremely difficult to sell.


thats why we’re in such a state, given contracts to bang average talent.


Yasss! And wear ur dog walking shirt 🖒😁


Has he actually had many bad games for us? I seem to recall him being okay, going on loan and being okay, going on loan and being worse, and going on loan and being not great, but I can’t remember thinking he was a waste of space when actually playing for us.


Yeah agreed, I was actually thinking that tonight. He never kicked on for the clubs he was loaned too, but he’s never had a standout bad game for us and there have been games like City and Bayern where he actually looked the business.


I mean he wasn’t the only culprit and it was one of his first games, but he was a defender during the 8-2 i’m pretty sure.