Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


He’s not on loan anymore lads :wink:




Jenks lives through another window. What a guy haha


One of Wenger’s many stackable offences giving this guy £50k a week to just piss about until 2020

Unbelievable scenes, we’ll be rid of him soon I hope


Can still be loaned out to League one.


Again who says it was Wenger?


I hold no ill to Jenko. Arsenal man and he’s employed by the club he supports.

I wouldn’t leave either.


Can still get offers for him from abroad.

Expect a big money offer from Real Madrid any day now…


I do.


Forgive me if I think you are full of shit


He won’t get a single minute until january though.


To the point where he’s ruining his career?

He’s a grown man, should know he’s never going to cut it here. At first it was almost endearing but now it’s just plain pathetic.


You just know his bedroom still looks like this


expecting big things for the lad this season. Its his time to shine :hearts:


Well if he knows he’s not going to make it here and not likely to get close to 50k a week anywhere else, it makes sense for him to stay and dress it up as wanting to fight for his place. Tough to walk away from that kind of money.


It’s ruining his career and pathetic to get the highest wage he could get in football? Nah


Because it’s all about the money?

He would get compensated reasonably well elsewhere also since the club are the ones moving him on they could potentially pay him some money to move if that is his only focus.

Also it’s not like this is the last move he’ll make, he’s 26 FFS.


He’ll never get that type of money anywhere else again in his career because he’s been found out as not that good. It’s his once in a lifetime payday


Do people have really bad memories here; he actually started pretty well at Arsenal, had a good first loan but went shit during his second loan.


That was quite a few years ago now and I’m yet to see anything to suggest he’s an adequate enough player for Arsenal.