Cards only for Food and Beverages

Just to make life impossible for children the poor or those who keep their money under the mattress .The hugely overpriced shit they serve in the ground can now only be bought by card . It caused havoc on Sunday . Bless em .

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Ya what? That’s nuts.

NO CASH m8 CARDS ONLY :welbeck:

Do they still have the stands that just sell the bottles? Same there?

They didnt have them on Sunday by me which they normally have . Block 15 . And Im presuming its the same all round ,but dont know for fact Sham . On a bright note we got a free program each .

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I use my card regularly enough but I’ll basically stop shopping anywhere that trys force that on me. Dodgy burger man outside the ground will take my cash. :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand why anyone buys shit inside. Get full up before you go in :slight_smile:


Wow. Our club really is run by wankers


Normally I do but I had a thirsty Dane with me .

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Who, @Cristo ?


This has to hurt the bottom line!

I think its run by an outside company who just pay rental/fees on the space.

Go to Piebury Corner if you need food beforehand. I only had the chance to go once, and their pies are mint.

Who carries cash these days?

Tap and go baby.

Edit: it is far more inconvenient when stores say “cash only”.

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Yeah they did. I noticed the card only signs on one of those stalls but didn’t see it on the main food outlets.

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Clever move really, people are less likely to take us much notice of how those food stands violate you if they’re not handing over actual cash

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One positive for the fans is that it should be a hell of a lot quicker getting served at half time. Queues go much faster when the payment process is just tapping a card on a reader instead of handing over cash and waiting for change.

If you haven’t got a contact-less it could end up taking longer than cash tbh

I guess I’ve assumed that the majority of people have contact less these days. Could be completely wrong and just projecting my behaviour.

Even with Chip and PIN it still is fairly quick. Overall length there’d hopefully be a net decrease in time taken to process a queue.

Staff there are useless by and large lol. At the stands that serve only beer they have one person to take your money and one person to unscrew the bottles of beer and they still take way too long to serve people. It’s ridiculous.

So if your a kid or poor you can just fuck off then … nice . The Arsenal family . couldnt have just 1 till for cash ? This has been done so that the morons they hire at Arsenal for serving dont nick the money. Not for our convenience.