Calum Chambers (On loan)


They are ‘only’ 31 aren’t they?


When it comes too another fringe player, because that is what Chambers still is at this point, than yes.


If you need to sell players and can’t sell the ones you want then I guess you sell whoever you need least


Mert is retiring. Kosh has achilles issues that won’t improve with age. Nacho started to decline last year. We need both chambers and holding imo.


Greedy bastards! :santi2:


Where is the Bielek talk coming from? I haven’t heard much re: him for a while.


If we are going to sell any centre back then it should be Gabriel first, wouldn’t be that bothered if we sold Chambers though and especially if it was 20 million, more then what we paid for him


He did well on loan at bermingham last season and I’ve seen a lot of people saying he’s been looking good in pre season


None of you have mentioned Kolasinac.

We can afford to shift at least one central defender - even playing 3 at the back - and although I’d like that one to be Gabriel, he seems unsaleable at present due to his injury. So I think Chambers goes for the right money.

It’s Mustafi + Holding + 1 other, and unless Koscielny’s injury really does turn out Cazorla/Rosicky-esque in severity, I think we have plenty to come from him yet.


Who’s our backup RB if Chambers goes? Gabriel? Please not again :gabriel:


Holding or Coquelin.


We play with 3 at the back now so the RB position is not really a problem. We can play Bellerin and The Ox there.


Football London editor ^

Great stuff Chambers much better


Is football london not shit then? I get the vibe that it’s shit.


Was the only decision that made sense considering how utterly hopeless Gabriel is.

Kos’ fitness being have to be managed and Per probably not up to the rigours of a whole season should see Chambers get some game time, still has a bright future here along with Holding IMO.


This hyperbole triggers me. He isn’t anything close to hopeless, he filled in at that RCB spot like a boss last season. At this point he’s probably better than Chambers and Holding, but they have time and potential on their side. Gab is what he is and in a bloated squad he’s got to go.


Nah it’s not hyperbole, he was hopeless at least in a team managed by Wenger.

Doesn’t have the requsite skill set to excel here and would have continued to stink up the place.


More hyperbole please.


For real, I can’t see chambers or current level holding being a starting CB in a decent Villarreal defence or Valencia looking to sign either to start in theirs, also agree hat out of the 3 gab is the one who should be sold


Both Chambers and Gabriel should be sold.