Calum Chambers (On loan)


Good move for him.


Good move. Karanka is a very good coach.


Hope he’ll be a starter for them


He is, his Boro side are such a well drilled and organised unit should be perfect fit for Chambers, like Blink says hopefully he’s a starter for them.


Great move for him! Hope he does well


good move for him and at least he will get games and hopefully it will improve him as a player, good luck Chambers


@GunnerGirl how are you feeling about your boy Chambers leaving on loan? :wink:


It’s only a good move if he gets regular game time and on paper that doesn’t look anywhere near guaranteed with Ayala the definite #1. They even brought in 2 experienced central defenders this summer already.


Meh, should have tried his luck abroad somewhere. Not much point sending players to other PL teams if they’re not at least to some point guaranteed to get consistent playing time.


he has more chance at Boro then some of the foreign teams that wanted him, like Roma


Well, Roma is a top4 team in Italy. I’m sure if their interest was real there would have been other options too.


Hope this is the right deal for him.

He was always going to be in demand, cheap on loan and capable of playing several positions, you’d take him in your squad at any bottom 10 club.

Starting is another matter though.


It’s the right move he was never getting game time atm with Mustafi and Koscielny


I hope it works out for him, I haven’t written him off like many have here.


And League One superstar Rob Holding don’t forget…


This is a bad move.

He’ll be sat on the bench for most of the season. Ayala is nailed on (because he’s good ) and Gibson is the owner’s nephew and a homegrown lad from Middlesbrough.

If we’re lucky, Chambers will get a few FA Cup and LC games.


Dude, he hasn’t ever played in league one :grinning:


Hes probably had his balls tickled and been promised some minutes but there’s no guarantee they will materialise. Hope I’m wrong but I can see this turning out as pointless as Gnabry loan was last season. No point stockpiling these youngsters if we just end up farming them out on loan and eventually shifting them for peanuts.


What about at Right Back?


If he doesn’t get reliable time at Boro, I reckon it is the beginning of the end for him at the Arsenal.