Calum Chambers (On loan)


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Bluemoon were interested but I turned them down. #LoyalToTheOA
[/quote]“I’m pleased we could hang onto a top top quality member like Calum Ozil.” :wenger:


I agree it would be hard to start him ahead of those two at that point but you take on a responsibility bringing a young English player to the club particularly one that has been rated highly before joining and one that started off so well.

His development has not been handled well and he’s become a shadow of what he first demonstrated, many hear were exited about him not too long ago and with good reason.

It’s easy to regress with no game time and playing under a manager like Wenger who lacks defensive nous in the game of today.


Hmmm…Club certainly needs improvement in defensive areas.
Anyway he is still 21. Let’s hope he improves.


I know it’s a shit source but it’s really a slow news day (no Griezmann doesn’t count because it utter BS).


To put him on loan, who takes his place?
Either Wenger has a plan or just pure BS?


Kick in the nuts for the kid, if true.


The mythical defender we’re in for obviously, my sources have confirmed someone like Joleon Lescott is right up Wenger’s alley.

Back to Chambers I think a loan is best for all parties concerned, the defensive coaching here isn’t up to much and he badly needs game time if he’s to get back on track and develop.

If it happens I hope the club do right by him and get him to a club where he’ll be a first team regular because they’ve done him dirty up to this point.



I think the fact Wenger picked Holding ahead of him to partner Kos, says all you need to know.

He is a good squad player but unless he starts getting a bit of consistency, that’s all he is.

I’m sure there are plenty of mid table PL clubs that would take him on loan, and that might be what he needs, some regular games.


Just. Fucking. Sell. Him. We can’t even fucking sell anyone anymore! It’s either retire on a fat contract, run your fat contract down and leave on a free, or get loaned out. We’re like the fucking UNICEF of European football.


He isn’t good enough for us at the moment, but we are really short on centre backs so he should only be loaned out if we bring others in. It’s a tough one really


Krystian Bielik has been impressing for the reserves/youth at CB so there’s younger players that I’m sure Wenger would like to promote eventually. It’s a case of timing here and I don’t think you can totally fault Wenger on team selection sometimes (he has a knack for shoe-horning in the wrong guys but it’s different here).

CB is such a finicky position to handle, especially when it comes to someone like Wenger who doesn’t focus much on our defensive aspects, but we found our best CB pairing in Mertesacker and Koscielny after years of trying numerous other pairings. To break that up for Calum would have been just as ludicrous as our transfer dealings this summer.

Now that position has been blown wide open with Per/Gab out and Kosh being 30+ now. Chambers has to take his chance, and well enough to establish himself.


Some say kick in teeth for the kid, while others say he was left to stagnate… Loan is undeniably the best move for club and player assuming we are bringing in a senior CB.


I was hoping Calum would have beefed up by now. He’s got the brain to be a center half but he’s just not tough enough or tall enough IMO. Would still be a usefull right back though.


Hull WHU Stoke and Boro want him as do Roma and Valencia


he’s better of joining Stoke or Boro, wouldn’t get into the other teams squads


I get the feeling Chambers would do well in La Liga.


I’d love him to go abroad pretty much anywhere. Would speak a lot of his personality and so much to learn as well. I want to see him playing regularly but also out his comfort zone where he can make mistakes and not be grilled by English media and Arsenal fans.


Just pick the right team that will give him consistent minutes… FFS no more of these calamity loans where our players rot.


Chambers off to Boro for the season on loan.

I hope I see him in town will by the lad his first parmo