Calum Chambers (On loan)


Was he really so bad?


Doesn’t hold up to scrutiny as he also signed one last November which presumably already done exactly this.


Interesting, I wonder what he logic behind the renewal then. Makes me question the new regime even more so now.

No doubt our wage bill has increased by a decent amount now. Generally I thought that would be more upheaval wrt the squad.


I honestly didn’t realize he’d signed that recently before. The most likely scenario then is that Emery obviously wasn’t the one who offered the new deal but didn’t see a place for him in the squad this season.


Unai knows best. Next time please dont question his knowledge of when a player is too shit.


This can be said for 90% of all our players


90% is a harsh figure but it’s certainly a decent amount, mostly towards the back


Said earlier in thread this would happen…:henry2:

Probably more optimistic that this is a good thing than bad.



(couldn’t resist :slight_smile: )


Haha still think he’ll come back in but hasn’t started the season well for them :wink:


I was looking forward to @Mysty quoting that post in about nine months time but you’ve gone and ruined that now


Signs are not good for the lad… I really hope getting a consistent run gets his head right, bc he still looks like a headless chicken too often for me.


How many apps will he make by the end of his loan and will he come back better, worse or around the same level he left at?


Less than 20 I reckon. Which is about what he would have made here, learning Emery’s system in the mean time. We’re selling him next summer imo.


Around 20. Difficult to play in a very attacking side like Fulham though. It was better at Boro where they were more focused on the defending.


Think I overhyped this guy. Thought he was a bit better than he has appeared this season. It might be the constant changes Fulham are making – not to mention changing their positions – that are making it hard for him and all the defenders to settle. But listening to 606 on radio 5 live, it’s Chambers that Fulham fans are mainly angry at. They want to send him back to us early :see_no_evil:


He was good for us in the last few months of last season. Fulham changing their back 4 every game isn’t helping haha. Fulham and Middlesbrough are round about the same level and he was class for them.


We had low standards in the last few months of last season, we were conceding 2+ in plenty of matches.


We can’t risk our defensive future on someone who has not strung a consistent period of performance since the first few matches for Arsenal.


Emery was right about this traffic cone. #UnaiKnows