Calum Chambers (On loan)


The uproar about Vida is ott as well, because chances are slim that he’ll ever be an Arsenal player. It’s just a rumor, we’ve been linked with countless players this summer and all our business was done weeks ago.


I agree with everything you say.

I’d be happy just to see some development of young players this season. I’d love for us to be genuinely good but I’m just not seeing how that happens given the terrible midfield/defense/keeper situation that Emery inherited.


Be honest, Holding rarely showed his strengths in most of his appearance, and he was pretty shaky whenever he played. I remember his errors more, as well as I remember Calum’s mental strength against Atletico last season.

Of course, manager’s rating is the bottom line. If he doesn’t rate you, there is nothing you can do.


This would have been our CB pairing from the start. Emery is not adventerous enough to for Chambers, Holding or Mavropanos to use as starting players.


Well, he has only played in shit leagues so far so…


Hmmm, that didn’t last very long now :gunnersaurus:


ornstein isnt the oracle everyone seems to think he is. He is no more reliable than any of the others he mostly announces the already known stuff when there is no disputing it anymore.


That sounds pretty reliable to me.


i mean any prat can do what he does, wait until something is 99.95% done and sealed and then announce ‘oh look xyz is done’


He doesn’t announce anything. He reports it.


People still don’t get this!! :joy:


well even his ‘reports’ are wrong then it seems…if he just ‘reports’ why are they wrong?


What’s wrong?


His reports ARE wrong. Why in blue fuck am I getting twitter notifications of Wolves transfer news?!



Because sometimes what he gets told turns out to be inaccurate.




No announcement video? Another slap in the face.


Clearly they’re planning to use him as a back-up.


Genuinely think Fulham have better CB options than we do :see_no_evil:


Such a fried rice girl hot take this. Mustafi is still better than Alfie Mawson.