Calum Chambers (On loan)


Fuck we are such a Pov arse club, Fulham spend more money than us lol.


Growing suspicious of Sven


Starting to think he’s a fraud ?


Too early to say but i’m not convinced at this stage he’s the person to take us to the next level.

New signing performances over the season will should tell if we’ve gone about this summer correctly


Chambers is with us long term. This is just for him to get guarenteed game time for this season. 23 is a baby age for a CB. I’m all for this. The previous Boro loan done him the world of good IMO.


I think Emery just doesn’t rate Chambers, rightly or wongly. Holding and Mav are much more natural loan candidates given age/experience but they’re staying and he is going.

I can also see why Chambers wouldn’t be a good fit for Emery’s defensive tactics, which emphasize pressing so much. If you’re going to press and play a high line your CBs better be elite athletes who can handle themselves 1 on 1 in the open field and have the recovery speed not to get beat over the top. Athleticism is probably Chambers’ weakest trait.


Chambers will be our number 1 CB in the future.

Good to see him get a loan to a great club like Fulham so he can play every game.


Not so sure about that. Think they will use him as back up. A mil of a fee and probably another million or two in wages. Nice cheap, competent, cover for them.

The sooner loans between PL clubs are banned the better.


Nah they need a center half and he’ll be the best one at Fulham. He’s starting every game Sham


I hope so, the only way this works is if he actually plays near enough every game for them.


Kid is pretty bad atm but is homegrown and 23 so market value will only increase so we need to keep him but don’t want to waste a squad spot or wages on him. Seems a loan explains itself imo. Hopefully we put the squad spot and wages somewhere needed, that’s all imo.




Even if that’s true they just invested 20m or so in Alfie Mawson plus a four year contract. When he’s fit he’ll start. Maybe Chambers gets the other spot, maybe he doesn’t. I reckon he’ll be back up.


They want Chambers to come in for Mawson as he’s out till September.

It will be Mawson Chambers as the two starting center halfs. We haven’t loaned Chambers to sit on the bench


Because that’s never happened before with a loan we’ve made?

Fact is that once we’ve agreed a loan we then have no say over how often the player is used, regardless of what was said during negotiations.


He played every game he was fit for two seasons ago for Middlesbrough :wink:


Maybe his head is on the block for Sokratis, Auba, Mkhi, Lich and Leno (only 2 of those are questionable to me) but for me Svengali’s testing will be in Guendouzi and Mavropanos.

If neither of these are looking like the real deal within 2 seasons and no other gambles between now and then are looking like the real deal then he’s probably failed, but his main purpose IMO is to nab us a Dembele or Pulisic every couple of years.

I’m very disappointed with this though. I really hope we are putting together a deal for someone legit in Chambers place because if it’s Vida I’ll be Sven out overnight :mustafi:


Well if he is not first choice for Fulham, we know how far from Emirates he is gonna be from next season.


I think he’ll be a starter. I don’t particularly rate their other options – Mawson aside. It’ll most likely be Ream and Chambers at the back to start with then Mawson will come straight back in i’d imagine. Chambers and Mawson are both right sided CBs but they did form a good partnership for the U21s.

They could even decide to go three at the back or use Chambers as a RB – they’re pretty weak there now that Ryan Fredericks has gone to West Ham.


I’m aware. Sounds exactly like he’s been signed for cover so…