Calum Chambers (On loan)


I don’t have a problem with Chambers leaving. He’s shit. In fact, if we shipped out our whole defense and didn’t replace them, it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference.


I thought this season would be the one for him to make CB for us his own. Thinking all along that Mustafi was destined to leave, it was Cal all along.


I agree he is shite, but we have a pure numbers problem though. Ideally i would like 5 CBs for a full season.


I don’t think 5 shits make a good.


Holding is the one who can play LCB between the two, One of Sokratis,Mustafi and Chambers had to make way, Chambers can regain his spot once we can offload deadwood more efficiently, which is still the main issue here.


Well here it is.

Sokratis Mustafi CB pairing then


Pretty bizarre choice to give him a 4 year contract extension and then loan him out at 23 years of age.


Sokratis Dinos you mean


That’s typically what clubs do prior to loaning out players, protects their investment should the player be sold on after.


Clearly Unai doesnt fancy Chambers. He gave him this pre season to impress and he didnt produce. He would have gotten very limimted gametime anyway, so loaning him out to increase his transfer value seems ok imo.




Why you laughing, he’s gonna score 20 goals Sham.


Unless we fucking loan him out :xhaka:

Wonder if this is happening so Mustafi plays better as a starter and then we can ship him off next season, allowing Chambers to come back after his loan?


Interesting we loan out Chambers but not Mavropanos


Christ! Hope Emery can coach Mustafi how to defend.


Why not just sell him now ? This loan won’t do anything to increase his transfer value IMO.


If he’s so shit why did Wenger pay 20m (Euros I think) for him? 4 years ago.


Well I think you have answered your own question.


Good point. Bad decisions have never been part of Wenger’s arsenal…