Calum Chambers (On loan)


He had some good performances at the end of last season, and with Kos looking like he isn’t going to be a first team regular, as well as Mertesacker retiring and Mustafi not always in good form, I’m sure he will get plenty of opportunities in the first team, certainly in cup games.


I quite like Chambers. I’ve always felt that there’s a decent player in there and he’s been quite unlucky with rotation and being asked to play in various positions.

I’m hopful that our defence as a whole will improve under Emery so i’m looking forward to seeing what he can get out of Chambers.

It’s also good that we’re tying down players (regardless of if you believe they have a future with us or not). The club is taking back control.


Wexit was all we needed. :wink:


I think the Boro loan done hin the world of good. He played a lot of games, and with Boro being shite he had to do a lot of defending.

I liked him last season. He’s definitely ahead of Holding by a long way and knocking on the door of a starting place.


Good news for me… I want him to stay.


No way he’s better than Holding. He’s got 0 composure and no pace to go with it. He reads the game decently but gets done in one on one situations way to easily.

Holding’s the more natural footballer.


I can’t remember thinking this was a particular issue with him to be honest. Is there videos available to show this?


Don’t know what to think. He has yet to impress me with any real consistency. I must also be blind because he gets a lot of praise here and I just can’t see why :man_shrugging:t3:
Perhaps Unai can develope him so we have a decent backup that fills the homegrown quota.


True. Holding should go on loan as well to improve like Calum did.


I always hark back to his first few performances after joining. Showed great intelligence and confidence at intercepting the ball, being a proactive defender.

The Wenger style of defensive coaching (essentially zero instruction) has been destructive to his development.

Over time his confidence has waned and being a front-foot defender that makes you really doubt yourself and it’s completely fucked with his natural game.

Under new management, I’m hopeful his natural qualities will be coaxed out again. I thought he was a really top defender in the making when we first saw him, he’s still young enough to get back on track.


Holding’s better on the ball but that’s where his superiority ends. Chambers is stronger, more decisive, a better tackler and all round better reader of the game.

Holding has too many ‘rabbit in headlights’ moments for my liking.


So did Chambers.


He still has nightmares about Jefferson Montero :smile:


Montero hasnt been seen after THAT incident !


New-ish comp on him.


Made official.



Good one.


Our new contract guy is doing work :slight_smile:


Wow, someone’s actually survived the brutal cull of the BritishCore!

Fair play to him tho, if you’d told me two summers ago that in two years time chamberlain, wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs would all be gone, but Chambers had just become the first British player to sign a new deal in the post-Wenger era…:open_mouth: