Calum Chambers (On loan)


Yeah agreed.

Tbf, there is no such thing these days so nobody is buying one.


Agreed - with Kos out selling Chambers would leave us short on quality and he has shown he has enough to continue with us. Hopefully Emery will coach him to improve. I cant see him going unless someone offers silly money…

As he plays 4 at the back I cant see this. We have ze german and Kos as well as Chambers,Mav and Holding. With more greek beef on the way we should be fine. I do see Holding maybe going on loan though.


There has to be some revisionism or short memories going on here. He started his Arsenal career well enough but then looked poor whenever he started. Start of 16/17 he was a dear in headlights every game. Up until the end of last season he wasn’t much better.


Holding>Chambers for the majority of the time they’ve both been at the club. Plus he’s much younger with a higher ceiling. We have Mavropanos as our other young CB.

We’ll get another senior CB and then no room for Chambers.


Will never forget this game:


He’s not an RB.

He was good for us last season and class against Atlètico. Would be sad to see him go tbh


And yet Holding was made to look a donkey last season just like Chambers and Bellerin before him and couldn’t get a game.

Chambers was comfortably ahead of him in the pecking order, tbh Holding looks like he may need to go out on loan.

I don’t think Chambers is going anywhere.


while i agree that he impressed in the last 5 games or so, i would take 25 m anyday.


Not at all. Always felt the criticism was overblown anyway.


His CL game last season should get him a spot on our team automatically.
Will be sad to see him go.


I’d keep him as back up and sell Mustafi.


Sell please. He’s Bamby on Ice, got no composure, pace or athleticism. Holding’s the one worth holding.


Give us Ryan Sessegnon and you have yourselves a deal



Literally think a young Merte had more pace than this guy :arteta: watching him accelerate is painfull, very very painfull.


Might lead the way for Söyüncü if Chambers is heading out.

I feel like we owe him time, especially in a soon to be more structured system but maybe he’s fed up of the situation. Think he just wants regular football now rather than being a possibility in Emery’s set up.


Selling him is fine by me, as long as we get a better defender in.


I would keep both and send both on loan and bring in the big Turk…

They both have something and both need more EPL time.


I have always felt that loans are for teenagers. (And possibly for a player coming back from a long term injury.) The chances of a 23 year old having a successful enough loan spell to cone back to a club of Arsenals size and become a regular are basically zero.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Chambers and Holding are both moved on within a year


Fair Point.

I think these type of loans can work (especially at 23) like they have perhaps more in Italy and Spain and it can be successful. (Until we find out who’s in and out its kinds moot anyway…plus you never know someone could come in with a silly money offer…!!)