Calum Chambers (On loan)


I’m on board with this as well. Works his ass off and doesn’t fold like an accordion after things don’t go his way.



He reminds me of the younger and healthier Phil Jones when defending.

He deserves a better manager and deserves to stay.
We could be down by 3 or 4 goals if he did not play


Our best CB. also has a great name


It’s a Calumatous name actually.


Its amazing what a bit of positive attitude towards a big game has.

He came on as a sub and could have easily crumbled on his biggest game for us but ended up being very solid.

I feel only him and maybe Xhaka can really say they treated this semi final as such.


Starting to impress me. Still have Liverpool opening game 2016 nightmares tho.:gabriel:


The only two players who I felt had a good game last night tbh with you


The surname ‘Chambers’ is so fetching. Indeed.


Our MoTM. Kept Costa at the bay.


Not only MOTM performance, he was so heroic yesterday and kept us from being humiliated by Atletico, and I call his performance was the overall best of the season among all Arsenal players.

As I said on the Bellerin thread, his heart will carry him and make him a better player.
With a better coach/manager and consistent playing time, he can be our cornerstone of the defense line. Yes, he will make mistakes still, but his heart yesterday earned him a spot in my heart, and deserves better chance on the team.

Keep up the good work Calum.


In my humble opinion Chambers has been the most consistent CB this season, much better than Koscielny and Mustafi. He deserves to be tested next season by the next coach. Has the quality to become a :top:.


I was close to writing him off as brainless, but perhaps there is a player in there after all - just needs proper coaching and management and he is still young for a CB. Maybe he, Holding, and Mavro can be good foundation along with one additional star.



20m+ and he’ll be gone i reckon.


With Kos looking unlikely to being a first team regular, Mertesacker retiring, and Mustafi not looking that convincing, I would have thought selling a CB that has shown a bit of form at the end of last season seems a bit strange.

Maybe we’re buying Sokratis as well as a world class CB and we need to sell Chambers to help pay for it.


25 mil + and he can go.


Now when you consider Chambers has more often than not being a liability. More so than Mustafi over the past couple of seasons.

We won’t attract a ‘world class’ centre back but maybe we can get another solid CB in.


I don’t think that’s remotely true. He has over 80 appearances. No more than a handful have been liability territory.

I also, always, am reluctant to place defensive blame on one player.


But of our squad CB’s, he is the one that has shown he could be relied on, and who has potential, while our others, like Mertesacker who has retired and Holding, who isn’t reliable enough yet, aren’t an option.

I know we have a new manager but is he realistically going to spend a large amount of his transfer budget on two CB’s this transfer window?


We aren’t buying a world class CB.

That would the more than welcome but I’m not sure some realise how much playing in an actual organised system will benefit this current crop of players. Look at Burnley and they don’t even have a third of the talent.

The whole team played below their level to varying degrees under Wenger which is no surprise considering the system was disharmony personified.