Calum Chambers (On loan)


Same, hair helps too.


That was just his beard


Hoping for a better 45 minutes because that was awful. Looks nervous and misjudged the pass to Morata totally. Not convincing.


Not convincing at all. Has to shore it up quick.


Very very poor


Just not good enough for a top team if that’s what we want to be, should just head to a mid/lower table top flight English side.


To be fair, he needs game time to improve and be in shape.
His arse is stoned cold…


Makes good tackles but christ he fucking falls asleep sometimes. Mother of God.


Thought he was surprisingly very composed vs Chelsea.


Agreed - he’s young and needs games. Fans are far too quick to write off these players.


Or he’s just not good enough? I haven’t been impressed with him, not pre his Boro loan, not during his loan and certainly not after his loan. Sure, there is potential and he’s young. Better to loan him out again and see if he improves, because he’s hardly worthy of being a starter here and thus should struggle to get enough game time to aid his development.


Looks more composed as of late out there.

Still wonder if he has a long term place at Arsenal. Also young enough to where we may not have seen the best of him yet (insert better defensive coaching here).


So much better than that clown called Mustafi. Keep it up Calum!


He’s got a future here IMO, been saying it since day one.

Want to see him Holding and Bellerin under a manager who can actually organise a team, they’ve all been burned and ridiculed in the past but funnily enough they’ve all also impressed with very good performances intially.

Chambers in particular earning a couple of England call ups off the back of the form he demonstrated when he first signed.


Can’t really say I’ve watched that much of him this season and when I do I don’t really have a good handle on defenders but I always see him making bad passes that get intercepted. Like I said, not really a good judge of defenders except for the obvious cases but my sensation is that he’s pretty meh in all categories and not really Arsenal level. Bielik, Mavropanos, and Holding all strike me as more interesting prospects.


You may not have a good handle on defenders Cuellar, but when it comes to attacking talent there’s little doubting your credentials :speak_no_evil:


Lol, Ms. Wilshere > Ramsey always popping up to try to get a knick in. :kissing_heart:


Given how disjointed the defense has been this season, it’s hard to look at any of the defenders in a vaccum so to speak. He’s played poorly at times, but I think that he has looked more composed at the back the last handful of games.

I remember performances from a few seasons ago when he first transferred that showed some promise and he looked better on the ball. That’s why I’m curious as to whether he has a future here. Too young to give up on, IMO.


Too young to give up on sure but you have to choose your bets, don’t you? They can’t all make it, you can’t give playing time to develop them all, and he wouldn’t be the one I’d bet on. Plus you have the positive that he’s a relatively marketable piece and we should be able to get at least £20m for him in this market.


Fair points, but are some of the other slightly younger players really better or show more potential? I’m referring strictly to defenders, not younger midfielders shoe horned into a back role here or there.

That’s obviously the million dollar question. I’d like to see a little more of Chambers.