Calum Chambers (On loan)


We will probably accept 13 million quid in the last hour of the window.


That just about sums up whatis going on at the club

Total shambles


Chambers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Holding

Good to see him back in the team.


What makes you say this? Some on here class him as mid-table material now or at least should have been sold off.

Always thought he has a bright future especially under a coach who can actually teach defence, I think the Middlesbrough loan did him a world of good.


It’s mainly to do with their ability on the ball, I think Chambers is a level above Holding especially when it comes to technique and decision making.


Tbf Chambers has had so much more top flight football than Holding.


I think Holding has better decision making (Chambers decision making on the ball was something I didn’t really like about him) and is as good as him on the ball. Think Holding is just in a bad way form wise/confidence wise.


on Calum Chambers…
Chambers is injured again on the hip, yes.



So typical Arsenal :mustafi:


I don’t think experience at the top level has anything to do with a players ability on the ball tbh if it did Walcott would be ghosting past players for fun right now like his name was Adama Traore.

Chambers is another good example of that, you’ve only gotta look at how good he was on the ball for Southamton when he broke through into their first team at 18/19.

or for us at 20

It’s only a little thing but I love the technique on this.

I know ability can be refined but imo Chambers is always gonna be the more naturally gifted footballer between him and Holding.


We’re gonna have to agree to disagree because for me in terms of ability on the ball that’s like comparing Keown to Koscielny.


Yeah, I guess we will, I’m not quite sure where you’ve got this idea of Holding being poor on the ball.


I hope we can keep hold of both of them before one of them gets old enough to get irritated by lack of game time.

Mertesacker retires next summer, Koscielny takes over his role as experienced-but-often-injured defender and suddenly we have a clear route to the first XI.


It was only Doncaster. Let’s see him in the Europa League and in some Premier League games before judging him.


I’m not sure I want to see him in a PL game for us again. I don’t think he has it to succeed here. Bottom half PL or top Championship level right now and I don’t see it improving. Geez I hope I’m wrong though.


Give him another chance at this point. He wasn’t bad in his first season with us.


He’s played very well for us in the PL and also the CL earning England call ups in the process.

Is interesting how he’s been discarded in a way by some fans despite a great start here, Holding is now experiencing much of what he went though after he initially arrived and he was dropped out of the team.


From almost being sold to being given a new contract… Good decision IMO.



Thats good he’ll be playing a lot too with or defender injury issues.