Calum Chambers (21)

Surely he goes now.

10m maybe? Still kinda youngish and a former England international

@Midfield_Maestro is gonna need a banner update.

Can I suggest “Bellerin4lyf”?

Either that or a loan and reassess in the summer.
Although, if Mustafi and Papa leave I can see him sticking around as cover though.

What about DespicableHuman4lyf


Low-key don’t mind having Chambers, Holding, Gabriel and Mari as our 4 CBs next season.
Granted we’re Arsenal so we’ll definitely need an extra CB just to be safe. Hopefully Saliba could be that guy and slowly get integrated into the side.

Would be pretty accurate tbf :smirk:

This is you

Is 2 years without kicking a ball for us slow enough?



Suits you down to the ground that


I just think a defensive “protocol”, if you will, needs to be drilled into them.

Maybe even a drastic formation change :man_shrugging:

At the moment, though, that just seems like wishful thinking on my part. Like a transfer target that isn’t going to materialise :pensive:

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Something in that. If you radically and I mean major invest in the midfield you control more games and with some decent instructions and coaching you improve tenfold with those options.


Do you know, mate, I’ve felt like we haven’t had a defensive “ethos” since about 2014. Witnessing the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool pierce through us like a knife through butter while we were top of the league…man, it was bad.

If you go a goal down early, you regroup, you get your head together. There’s a case to be made that we shouldn’t concede so early anyway. That stems from a bad team talk and defensive mistakes.

Even this season v Liverpool. 1 goal up, defensive game plan needed.

Anyway, I digress. It boils down to the manager now and how he sets us up.


Yeah it’s why after Highbury we couldn’t compete in Europe.
Take that Barca tie. Where 2 1 up going there. Much is made about RVP sending off but we surrender the tie by giving 3 goals away very cheaply.
Same in Milan when we ran out of gas having pulled 3 back at the Emirates because we threw the tie by being useless in Italy conceding 4 mostly preventable goals.


Ah, yeah. Sad times.

Add that Bayern Munich tie to the bonfire. If you’ve lost the first leg 5-1 and you’re 1-2 down at home and down to 10 men, don’t friggin attack! Defend!

It’s clear we don’t know how.

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Just for you sweetheart


Fuck off

Given the news of the Holding extension you’d have to say Chambers time at Arsenal is up.


I can’t like this… keeping holding and send Chambers away… I really can’t

Chambers was starting to impress before the injury but who knows how he’ll come back once fully fit. Do we gamble on him doing that here or just cut him loose for a knock down fee?

We should have sold Chambers after his loan at Fulham and every day since. Get him gone for 12/15m.