Calum Chambers (21)

I rate Holding pretty highly but I don’t think Chambers is ever going to be good enough. For now, it looks like we’re gonna need him though…

Like a new signing.

one you didn’t ask for

Hey look another thing he’s more shit than Holding at: baseball.

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Fuck that’s more potential clubs out the market for him then.

More stiff than a christmastree and slightly braindead too. Would love if anyone is stupid enough to pay 20m for this piece of trash.

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The 1-1 scored by Dembélé reflects perfectly the defensive weakness of the team. Look at Maitland-Niles who puts a passive pressure on Depay and Calum Chambers doesn’t mark Dembélé. The 1-2 is another comical piece of AMN who keeps Moussa Dembélé onside.

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I’ve really wanted this guy and Mustafi sold all summer, sadly it looks like they’ll both be here.


We could have sold him to a dopey English club and got someone better for half as much. He’s probably not even in the top 100 CBs in Europe. Keeping him at this point is just terrible business.


Yep. Stock was high and it’s been clear for some time he isn’t good enough. Surely some cunts were eyeing him up and all it would have taken was a gentle push to get it moving. Almost certain Fulham would have signed him if they’d stayed up. :santi:

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How the fuck has this waster not been sold this summer? Club really sucks at talent evaluation if they thought it wasn’t obvious that they should promote Bielik and sell this guy after being awarded Fulham player of the season and see what we could get for him.

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Nah. Sell or keep.


Yeah, no need for a 3rd loan. Just sell him for £20m and move on from him.


Big issue of him being our best looking defender.

Im sure Chambers is flattered by such words, but unfortunately for you he already has a bird.

no point in loaning him again, most likely going to get relegated again which isn’t going to help him and then us in the long run

Piece of shite

He’s bad but he was alright tonight and he is still far better than Mustafi.

The best option we have at the moment.

That moment he fell over his clumsy stiff legs to give the ball away to a HUGE barca chance was Chambers in a nutshell. Awful player. A young Mustafi imo.

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