Calum Chambers (21)

Papa, Kos, Chambers and Holding is that bad for a club that has any ambition, anyone that suggests otherwise is absolutely kidding themselves. Expect to concede 50 goals in the league for a 3rd consecutive season.


Our owner/club does not have any ambition on winning something other than FA Cup and Emirates Cup.
So, Papa, Kos, Chambers, Holding, and Monreal (part time CB) are enough for us.

Generate revenue is the first and major and primary and ultimate goal.


You’ve got 2 veterans in there and two promising English CBs. As long as you remove the moron from the mix with his guitar crap then I think the concentration levels(usually our weakness) are gonna go up.
Either way, our defensive incapabilities can’t be pinned only on Mustafi. Our deepest midfielder that has been recording shitloads of minutes in the club since coming in, Xhaka, can’t defend at this level.
You then have Kolasinac who treats defence like that kid that hates school so much he would burn it in an instant.
Ofc, we’re deploying an #8 in AMN at RB and give him cover by Mkhi who tracks back like an imbecile.
Fact of the matter is, a proper coach that cares about defending would have transformed every single player into defensively aware pros or delever them a boot.
Instead you’ve got that moron of a manager forcing Xhaka into the team as CB and LB because of ‘build-up’.


Yeah pretty much, for me the blame for the poor defensive record is leaning more to system/coach rather than personnel.

This summer is the opportunity for Emery to rectify both system and personnel anyway. His job should really be on the line imo


Harsh, but fair.


Defending involves the whole team and starts from the front. If our defence kis constantly going to be exposed with individual mistakes from the likes of Xhaka, or our attacking players constantly giving the ball away, then we are bound to face a lot of shots.

Our team as a whole needs to learn not to be so cheap in possession.

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I agree wholeheartedly with that also, still think either way those 4 centre backs you listed aren’t good enough if you’re aspiring to be a top club.


If we pull off Tierney and Zaha then honestly I do not envy any other team in the Prem apart from Liverpool and City. The rest 18 are unbalanced/lacking in their own way.

Our midfield is dreadful.

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Need to sign someone and loan him back quick.:wink:

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Our midfield is fine, at least for a solid Top 6 challenge.
Would’ve preferred replacing Xhaka with an actual leader though. Plus, Elneny is clearly of no use for Emery so what is he still doing here?
I think it’s pretty open for Top 4 between Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Man Utd. Leicester, Wolves, West Ham and Everton are coming in strong but we’ll see if they have the pedigree and depth to last a whole season.

The fuck is a top six challenge. That’s called a failed season bro.


Well, that’s why I said solid as in bare minimum. Let’s be frank here, it’s hard to guarantee a Top 4 finish but we’ll at least challenge with what we’ve got.

Plus, in theory Emery should be doing way better in his second season, especially if he stops being a moron.

Yeah we were 2 points from 3rd… the margins are super fine at the edge.

Some fans are happy with a solid top 6 challenge these days that’s why we have different opinions on what sort of players are good enough I Suppose.

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My CB duo.

Let Kos go for a logical fee and get Cahill on a 1+1 for backup.

that’s a lower prem level partnership

It’s a great partnership. They never got a real run as a duo together. The most they’ve played together was with Musti as the middle CB in a 3/5, having some sort of leader of defence role. :joy:

with kosc likely going it’s maybe worth a try with the look of our other current centre backs, should really be getting someone in though