Burnley vs Arsenal (Premier League)

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  • Arsenal win

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Sunday 2nd October, 4:30pm.
Turf Moor.
Live on Sky Sports 1


This is going to be a surprisingly big game, because it’s a massive chance for us to continue building on our excellent momentum from the last few games. Burnley beat Liverpool 2-0 and fully outplayed Watford as well; they’re not going to roll-over for us, so we shouldn’t assume this will be an easy game. Of our next 6 - 7 games, this could be one of the hardest so if we’re able to soundly defeat Burnley, it could bode very positively for our next several fixtures and establish ourselves as viable contenders for the league.

We’ve been playing extremely well, and have several days worth of rest so I expect that Wenger will stick with the winning formation that has looked so convincing in the past month.

So memorable moments from previous encounters:


Think it will go very similarly to the Basel game.


Yeah same here. A confident win.

Playing with confidence, wow, isn’t that something.


Poll added, along with TV details :slight_smile:

Burnley will give a decent game, but I think it’s the type of game we’ll do enough to get victory at. 2-0 to the Arsenal. Just want to see more of the same of the kinda play we’ve done in recent weeks. It’s making watching Arsenal feel enjoyable again.


Lol we are so losing now thanks @Cristo


Comfortable 0-2 win. Need to watch Defour though.


They are struggling to get goals, unlike us, so they will set out to stop us scoring and park the bus.

If we get an early goal I can see us winning by two or three goals.


If we lose I will never ever make another thread again


Fuck Burnley. All they do is play shit football at 100mph. If we can keep our composure and knock it around them, they’ll be knackered by half time.


That second video (the Alexis goal) at the end: “…Oxlade Chamberlain’s not a great cross actually” yeah no shit!

Arsenal win please. But most of all, keep playing like this please. Finally I’m enjoying watching them play, ooohhh it’s been a loooong time.


They press well and play fast, but aren’t that technical. Just stay focused like the last two games.


I’d keep the same lineup as Basel with the international break coming up. Fairly soon, we’re going to have to figure out how to start rotating more and seeing whether we can keep the same free flowing football with some moving parts. But for now lets just play our best team and give ourselves the best chance at keeping our momentum going into the break.




We’ll win this, but it’s all about how much damage we do in the first half at the moment, rendering the second half a low tempo kickabout.


I’m confident we can do some serious damage in the first half. Get the ball in the final third right now and we really are a serious threat for a goal. My only concern is that Wenger might rotate needlessly for this game. An Ox start for example, maybe even Cazorla benched form the start. I don’t see why as we have an interlull after this right?

Keep playing like we have recently and we really should be getting three points here.



I figure let’s give Santi and Nacho a nice couple week rest. Xhaka has really not played much so he should be good to go. Can’t change that front 4 either they’ve been deadly.


Going to go 2-0 to the Arsenal, Burnley will try hard and battle away etc but we should have too much class and confidence is high.


I think both Bellerin and Monreal should be rested for this game, Gibbs and Holding can play at FB.

Bellerin in particular is playing too much IMO, you need to effectively rotate a squad to win major honours especially considering how poor we typically are with injuries.


Gibbs for Nacho, Elneny for Santi and Iwobi for Lucas with Sanchez on the left.


No chance of that much rotation, and I don’t think it’d be a good idea either. Could come off but it’s an unnecessary risk, in the end this is an away league match, you need to go with very close to your best team.

That means, above all, that the front 3 absolutely can’t be touched. Santi will surely play at the 8, there’s a significant dropoff from him to Elneny. Maybe Gibbs for Monreal is the one change I could see but honestly would only do that if Monreal is in the ‘red zone’, with Monreal you have a much lesser chance of an important defensive error that can prove costly/cost pts in an away PL fixture.