Bundesliga Thread


Did you see that goal kick? :rofl:


I am reading he is stopping everything.

Any gif?


I’ve only just turned it on to see that it was ET.

No GIF. He slipped a little and it went out for a throw in halfway up the pitch.

PENALTY KLAXON :alarm_clock:


Penalties! :smiley:
2-2 so far.
4-4! No one is missing!
Werner misses the last penalty! Bayern are through!


Love a penalty shootout. Most of them were really good pens too – especially Hummels’


BAYERN MUNICH! 4-5. Timo Werner only one to miss after 10 pens.


Mainz-Frankfurt this evening.
1-1 FT.


BVB 3-2 down in Hannover. Zagadou sent off for taking the last man. Great FK from Klaus for the 3rd.


They are done.


4-2. Stick a fork in them, they’re done. Easily countered as they have been all half. Defence non-existent.


#BoszOut #SexOffenderIn


Roman Buerki top save.





Bosz was managing Maccabi in Israel a year ago. :gabriel:


Get Tuchel back! Another league handed to Bayern.


Bayern 2-0 up at HT. James and Lewa. Leipzig are down to 10 men.
2-0 FT for Bayern. They lead the table now.


Werdere 1-1 at HT against Frankfurt.


Haller wins it with a decent finish. 2-1 Frankfurt. Bremen remain in the relegation zone with 5 points after 11 games. No Gnabry this time. :wink:


Poor Werder, look done. 2-1 FT for Frankfurt.


@Luca_from_Italy It’s the big one today. :henry2: